Second life instead of electronic waste

Technology center report
IT reprocessing at bb-net in Schweinfurt: More than 100.000 devices per year are overhauled and brought back onto the market - and the trend is rising.

Second life instead of electronic waste

There is more to used hardware than you think. The IT editor bb-net media knows that too. The company founded by Michael Bleicher was founded almost 25 years ago as an online retailer and is now one of the largest German providers of IT hardware in the second life cycle. Besides the effect of generating valuable additional income, every company can also do something good for the environment. Because if you dispose of a used device, it increases the amount of electronic waste, which is growing worldwide and is now estimated at 51 million tons. With the increasing establishment of professionally prepared notebooks, computers and displays, the demand from refurbishers like bb-net has been growing for years. With continuous growth, the company built and moved into a new company headquarters in Schweinfurt according to the latest technical standards. In the meantime, more than 2018 employees ensure that around 65 devices are given a general overhaul every week and brought back to the market under the “tecXL” brand. But it starts beforehand with the procurement of used business equipment. Since many companies renew their IT equipment in cycles of around three years, these are mostly leasing returns. For many companies, however, the disposal of old devices is initially a time-consuming and opaque topic. Companies are primarily concerned with questions such as: "What is my old hardware still worth?", "Who takes care of the logistics?" Or "What happens to my data?" ".

Three-step data erasure

After all, data deletion is not always data deletion. This also includes a complete security and software concept, emphasizes bb-net. With certified partners, the IT refurbisher can guarantee secure handling from the very first minute. All devices that arrive at the in-house, video-monitored technology center are checked for optical and technical defects and inventoried by trained employees. The deletion process then begins - with an "industry-wide unique approach", as bb-net emphasizes: a combination of a three-stage system and the specially developed software solution "SAM", which automatically carries out all partial processing steps and guides the employee. All data and media are recognized and logged. If they have been professionally deleted, the audit continues. Every device is carefully examined here. The customer then receives a detailed report in which the status, equipment and missing parts of each individual device are noted. This is where the “rollback” path of the used IT ends for the customer. bb-net then issues a CO2 certificate, so the environmentally conscious action is also measurable for the customers. The new life of used IT begins with the processing process in the 2600 square meter technology center. Well over 100.000 devices per year go through the specially developed process at Refurbisher. "This is subject to strict requirements and not every device makes it into an orange 'tecXL' box," reports bb-net sales manager Marco Kuhn. So there are quality levels 1st and 2nd choice when selecting devices. Even the 2nd choice still qualifies as "Premium Refurbished", while the 1st choice is almost impossible to differentiate from new goods. "By using products in the second life cycle, we all actively contribute to protecting our environment and using resources more sustainably," explains company founder Michael Bleicher. You can do something for the environment by selling discarded IT and adding it to a second life cycle, and by using IT that you have prepared yourself by experts.

Broad service portfolio

However, customers expect more than just tested product quality - the portfolio of services is therefore constantly being expanded. Since May, the IT refurbisher has also been offering rental equipment from the secondary market - this allows customers flexibility and individually adaptable rental models. Notebooks, client PCs and displays up to servers can be rented. All devices are delivered with individual software installations depending on requirements. There are no costs for either delivery or collection. In order to provide direct and transparent price information, a rental price barometer was integrated in the online shop. Buyers can query their individual monthly rental price directly without waiting for an offer to be created. According to the motto “He still does it!”, The Refurbisher recently started offering customers a refresh of their IT with “bb-net IT-Refresh”. Companies can upgrade their existing hardware according to their own requirements, create an improved visual condition, change licenses and extend the guarantee period (“Re-Base”, “Re-Install” and “Re-License”). The service packages are rounded off with the warranty option, where the hardware can be covered with a warranty of up to 36 months.


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