Free upgrade expires

Windows 10 upgrade

It's been almost a year since Microsoft released the latest version of the world's most popular operating system. Windows 10 was heralded as a great revolution, with many innovations and improvements for standard work devices and mobile devices alike.

And Windows 10 is actually spreading faster than any other software on the international market. After the release at the end of July 2015, over 100 million users were already using the new version in November. In March 2016, the 250 million user mark was broken.

The decisive factor for success is the free upgrade that Microsoft has made available to all users with Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 since the release.

Now the period of 12 months for the upgrade is slowly coming to an end. On July 29.7th should end with free, Microsoft has confirmed that there will be no extension of the period. From then on, users have to pay if they want to switch from an older version to the latest software. According to the trade press, the licenses currently cost between € 135 (Home) and € 279 (Pro). It is believed that upgrading an existing license will be cheaper. How much exactly is not yet known.

Use the remaining 4 weeks to bring your devices up to date! All tecXL notebooks and PC systems with a Windows MAR license are entitled to upgrade until the expiry of the period!

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