What should you do with the old IT?

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Sometimes the heart hurts. You buy expensive IT equipment for the company. After a few years, some things are out of date and hardly worth anything. Often such devices are sorted out and disposed of as a lump sum. However, it doesn't have to be. Because there is the option of actually making money out of it. We show how this works and what you should definitely pay attention to.

Generate income with old IT - this is how it works

We in Germany are lucky that society and the economy are generally well endowed with financial resources. This cannot be said of many other regions of the world. They try to save wherever possible. For this reason, there is a gigantic secondary market for old IT equipment. Mainly companies in Eastern Europe or Africa, Asia etc. are active on this. If a printer breaks here, for example, it is usually replaced. The repair costs would be too high. But not in countries with cheaper wages. Such a device is still very valuable there because it can be used again at low cost. The same applies to devices that are no longer state-of-the-art. In other countries they could still be used.

And so it happens that providers rely on the IT remarketing have specialized. They buy old technology on a large scale from companies, authorities and organizations. These are resold as a whole or as spare parts on the secondary market. Both sides benefit from this.

Sometimes they just take care of proper disposal and recycling. This is important because it is sometimes more complicated than you might think. Here is an example in the video:


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Data protection and old IT - what should you watch out for?

Old hard drives or other data carriers usually still contain information, some of which is associated with trade secrets. Despite formatting a hard drive, they can still be activated. It could fall into the hands of competitors or people who make a living selling such information. So industrial spies, for example. Some people specifically buy this type of technology in order to search through it for sensitive data. But that is not all. If the data is from third parties, then companies are liable for their security due to the GDPR. Violations become expensive.

This problem should also be considered. For this reason, good IT remarketing companies offer the service of destroying old data on a large scale using automated methods.


IT remarketing is a topic that businesses should be concerned with. On the one hand, because in this way additional money can be flushed into the company's coffers. On the other hand, because it relieves you of the work that inevitably arises with the deletion and destruction of old data.


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