"Economic Knowledge in Competition"

Economic knowledge in competition

As in the previous year, in 2016 the quiz “Economic knowledge in competition” was organized by the business juniors. As before, our regional district of Schweinfurt was responsible for the schools in the city and district of Schweinfurt for the Germany-wide quiz. In order to determine the district winner, the board invited the top five to the district finals last Monday.

Supporting and promoting young talents in education and knowledge plays a major role for bb-net. Thanks to our connection to the regional circle of the business juniors, we were able to contribute the main prize for the district winner of the student quiz again this year. A high-quality tecXL notebook was waiting for the first place.

In the end, Fabian Bender (14) from Schallfeld from the Ludwig-Derleth-Realschule Gerolzhofen won the race.

Economic Knowledge in Competition is a nationwide knowledge competition organized by WJ-Germany on issues relating to business, companies, training and general education. Every year around 40.000 young people across Germany take part in the regional qualifications.

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