We don't sell, we distribute


Flood of orders from refurbishers.
Interview with Marco Kuhn.

Christmas, Easter and all the other public holidays currently coincide at bb-net and GSD. If there were no corona crisis and threatening consequences, you would hear the refurbishers cheering loudly without a guilty conscience.

The corona crisis has triggered massive demand for home office hardware. Companies mainly order business notebooks, monitors and headsets so that their employees can continue working from home. A trend that started at the beginning of February. The stocks of distributors, especially notebooks, are decreasing; in the last two weeks they have decreased significantly for the top 100 devices. Now, according to the IT-Scope market barometer, the top 100 notebooks are almost sold out. Alternatives are needed. And indeed they do exist.

Even before the virus pandemic, refurbishers such as bb-net and GSD were well established in the channel. They grow and expand their manufacturing capacities. Now their business with remanufactured notebooks is in full swing. And: Both companies are still able to deliver, as they explain to CRN.

»Over 300 devices come off the production line every day. The supply is guaranteed in any case for the next three months, «says bb-net sales manager Marco Kuhn. It was possible to increase output by around a third in the short term, but "it is nowhere near enough to meet demand." It is as if Christmas and Easter and all the other holidays fall on one day during the year. “I've never seen a situation like this before. We don't sell, we distribute, ”he says.

A sales manager who doesn't have to drive or advertise anything, but only needs to assign what is hotly desired, that was the last thing in real socialism. Kuhn was six years old when the Wall fell in November 1989.


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