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Alliance Climate and Environment
Only a few days ago it was published that Germany had still achieved its climate targets for 2020. Due to the pandemic, many commuters stayed in the home office and emissions could be reduced more than planned. But that is by no means a reason to rest. To ensure that the climate target for 2030 is reached, every single contribution is valuable. It is all the more important that more companies are actively committed to protecting the climate and the environment.

For bb-net Commitment to climate and environmental protection has long been a matter of course. Every year, Managing Director Michael Bleicher and his team set new environmental goals that are persistently pursued. So is bb-net the first climate-neutral computer since 2020 Remarketing Companies. This year, the company has also set itself the goal of COXNUMX neutralization: For this purpose, trees are being planted with Review Forest, um than environmental pollution to compensate.  new Membership in the Alliance Climate & Environment is deshalb another logical step towards environmental protection.

More about our environmental commitment on our Environmental side.

Who is the Alliance for Climate & Environment? 
The Climate & Environment Alliance was founded to offer responsible companies a framework in which they can develop further effective ideas for protecting the climate and the environment. The member companies themselves are all climate-neutral, which means that their business activities do not result in an increased amount of climate-damaging greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. The companies succeed in doing this by recording, reducing and compensating for the emissions they cause in accordance with the strategic triad of the Kyoto Protocol.   

Why is it worth taking part?
Any company can manage to reduce emissions in certain areas! 
Michael Bleicher is convinced that if everyone does more than ever on his CO2-Footprint respect, you can achieve a lot together in the fight against global warming.  

You can find out more about the Climate and Environment Alliance here .

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