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Support for Windows 14.01.2020 ended on January 7th, XNUMX. Choose security and modernity. It's time to switch to the modern working world with Windows 10 and processed IT from tecXL.

In 2009, text messages were still typed on a button cell phone - today, video calls using a smartphone are almost normal. What used to be the DVD from the video library is now the video stream from the Internet. Ten years ago, the workplace was at the desk, whereas today you can work anytime, anywhere. Windows 10 makes you more productive, efficient and mobile. In addition, it will also protect your private and company data in the future.

7 damn good reasons for switching to Windows 10 with a refurbished tecXL Business PC from well-known manufacturers such as Lenovo, Hewlett Packard, Fujitsu or Dell.

A change to Windows 10 is required.
Because after the end of support for Windows 7, no more security updates will be issued. This can lead to major security gaps.

All the advantages of new goods - only cheaper.
With tecXL you get a business device for the price of an entry-level device.

New acquisition necessary ?!
In order to be able to use all hardware functions, Microsoft recommends switching to a new device. With tecXL, your customer buys a business-class device that is geared towards intensive and long-term use in the second life cycle.

Pre-installed and ready to go!
A legally compliant operating system, drivers and software packages are installed and no prior technical knowledge is required.

Reconditioned quality with a 24 month guarantee.
This argument supports the decision-making process for reprocessed hardware. And if you want a little more, bb-net allows the guarantee to be extended to a total of 36 months.

Only real with the orange box!
In over 20 years we have continuously improved and expanded our processing process in order to deliver you and your customers a product that is in no way inferior to a new product despite having a second owner.

And the very best:
By purchasing a refurbished device, you and your customers are also making a major contribution to the environment.

There are countless other reasons ...
Microsoft has also put together everything worth knowing and good reasons for a change, as well as things worth knowing about the end of support. Call up the website →

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