Smart Windows 7 migration

Windows 7 migration

August 30, 2013 | Schweinfurt

The problem is burning on the nails of many companies and institutions: A significant number of their business PCs are still running with the Windows XP operating system. But now the end is near: computers with XP Service Pack 3 will only be supported until April 8, 2014 as part of the "Extended Support". From this point on, there will be no more updates for the operating system, not even software corrections, so-called patches, which close security gaps.

The order of the day is "Windows7 migration". However, many XP users shy away from switching to the more modern operating system. How cumbersome and time-consuming is the whole process, how can I be sure that all my programs will still be running afterwards and will I have to buy a lot of new, expensive hardware for it - these are the questions that move many.

The IT lifecycle company bb-net media responds to this with its "IT refreshment" offer. "Our goal is that customers simply continue to use their devices whenever possible - only with Windows7 instead of Windows XP," says Michael Bleicher, managing director of the Lower Franconian company. To this end, he and his 40 employees offer a full service. On request, the XP computers can be picked up from the customer by a logistics partner or transported by the customer to the bb-net media headquarters in Schweinfurt. There, the refurbishing professionals clean the devices inside and out, test their technical components for Windows 7 compatibility and then replace Windows XP with Windows 7. "We and thus our customers are on the safe side in terms of licensing law, since bb-net media is an official Microsoft partner," emphasizes Michael Bleicher.

The basic package consisting of cleaning, test, Windows7 Professional license and the installation of the new operating system costs just under 40 euros per computer. There is no minimum charge: The IT refreshment offer applies to business customers from a PC or notebook.

"In consultation with the client and for a corresponding surcharge, we can also expand the refreshment to include upgrading the computers with more powerful hardware, such as larger hard drives and main memories," adds Michael Bleicher. Additional services can be booked, such as an IT infrastructure analysis, a pre-configuration of the hardware adapted to the customer's network and short-term rental devices for the time when the customer devices are at bb-net media for revision.

Of course, not every old PC can sensibly be converted to Windows7. The IT lifecycle company from Schweinfurt offers mixed solutions for these cases: Applicable devices receive a refreshment, the others are replaced by new or completely refurbished used devices from other sources.

The bottom line for the customer is that the XP problem is solved flexibly, a lot of money is saved compared to purchasing a new device, the product life is extended and unnecessary, environmentally harmful further consumption of resources is avoided.

In addition to commercial end users, bb-net media also offers this performance and service model, which is unique on the market, to system houses and specialist retail partners.

Details on the IT refreshment offer from bb-net-media are available at


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