Innovations MAR program

microsoft authorized refurbisher

As a Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher, we can preinstall refurbished devices with legally compliant Windows licenses for you. Both Windows 2016 and Windows 7 have been available on reprocessed notebooks and PC systems from tecXL since spring 10.

Last summer, Microsoft released Windows 10, the latest version of its operating system. In order to concentrate on the latest system in the secondary market, the older versions are gradually being removed from the range. After Windows 7 Home Premium ended in summer, the license period for Windows 31.10.2016 Professional will also end on October 7, 7. For tecXL processing, this means that in the future no more devices with Windows 10 will be produced, but only Windows XNUMX in the Home or Professional versions will be preinstalled. In this context, all future devices will also receive the new COAs with a scratch-off field.

As MAR, we equip all devices with a COA license sticker that contains the license code for the respective system. In order to better guarantee the authenticity of the COA and as additional protection for the customer, the latest generation of these stickers is now provided by Microsoft with a scratch-off field that hides part of the code and must first be scratched off with the help of a fingernail or an EC card.

To give you the opportunity to secure the last Windows 7 devices for yourself, we have put them together in an overview in the bb-net online shop. You can find them here: