Recycling instead of storing

Recycle instead of storing
The reconditioning of used hardware is not only good for the environment and the customer's wallet, it also solves disposal problems for companies and system houses. The refurbishers are also developing new business concepts with rental and services.

In many companies, discarded devices from notebooks to complete ones are piled up in the basements Server & Hosting or Storage-System. Because often the IT managers or employees know smaller System houses not what to do with the hardware or they have no concepts for securely erasing the data on the devices. And still functional data carriers or devices are also mechanically destroyed in order to document the destruction of the stored data with the destruction certificate. This not only produces a lot of electronic scrap, the companies also give away hard cash.

It is also common practice to hand over outdated computers to company members without professionally deleting the stored data beforehand. Land these PCs or Notebooks then on auction platforms, this is questionable in terms of data protection law.

Refurbisher as a disposal partner for system houses
The large IT system houses and IT leasing companies, on the other hand, have long recognized that working with IT refurbishers is a safe and also cheaper way of handling disused business computers, says Ralf Schweitzer, Managing Director of the IT refurbishers GSD . Most PCs, notebooks and Scoutthat GSD and other Refurbishers purchase, securely delete, and reprocess come from these sources. "In contrast, this is often not the case with smaller system houses," says Michael Bleicher, Managing Director of the Schweinfurt-based refurbisher bb-net. "They have yet to realize that we are their partners here," Bleicher continued. The IT refurbisher Webinstore, which belongs to the Also Group, has been using a new method since the end of May to get interesting used computers. He uses the online shop of the distributor So for IT purchases and thus has fewer problems reaching smaller system houses as a source to ensure supplies. It could be through a recession both Bleicher and Schweitzer fear that they will stall in the wake of the global Covid 19 crisis. Because companies could postpone the acquisition of new devices and continue to use older computers instead of selling them to refurbishers. The PC-as-a-ServiceThe refurbishers therefore see the concepts that some manufacturers are pursuing as an opportunity. "We can take over the retrieval, data deletion and marketing for the manufacturers", Schweitzer explains. In addition, through the regular exchange of computers in the companies, enough relatively young used devices are coming onto the market.

The customer base for reprocessed client computers or else Smartphones are primarily private users who work through IT dealers, Retailer and e-tailers. There are also smaller companies and at Windows-Computers on a small scale also in the education sector. Bb-net intends to expand the B2B segment with alternative business models. The refurbisher now offers all devices in stock to its partners not only for sale, but also for rent. The individual rental price depends on the rental period and the partner level. Bleicher can also envision refurbishing as a service for the future.

Refurbishing for data center hardware with diverse sales models
For refurbishers focused on servers, storage systems and network equipment, rental models have long been the norm. This applies to both smaller companies, such as the primarily storage systems from NetApp specialized Miller systems, as well as the heavyweights of the industry, such as HPE, which also use the used systems Channel to offer. Servers and storage systems can not only be rented for a longer period of time, but also for a few days or weeks. Use scenarios here include setting up a test system for the use of new ones Software, the construction of a temporary parallel infrastructure for a data migration or for the move to another data center. Even if capacity peaks cannot be absorbed by relocating to the cloud or if this is not desired, short-term rentals help.

As a rule, the server and storage refurbishers not only sell complete systems, but also reprocessed mass storage devices and spare parts. This gives the partners the opportunity to use their customers also to keep devices in operation that are no longer available from the manufacturer and for which new components are either no longer available or only available at very high prices. In addition, customers are also looking for outdated, older systems that use certain software versions that can no longer run on new systems without problems.

Preparation also by the manufacturer
The manufacturers Cisco and HPE operate a special type of refurbishing. You buy your own hardware and also hardware from third-party providers. The company's own products are generally overhauled and returned to the market as refurbished devices with a manufacturer's guarantee in their original packaging, mostly through distribution and appropriately certified partners. The portfolio ranges from servers and, in the case of HPE, storage systems to network products for LAN and WAN up to WifiEquipment.

At HPE, the devices suitable for this are dismantled down to the component level and the individual components are sometimes used as the basis for preconfigured used devices that are built according to customer requirements. These will then also receive a new serial number. The manufacturer operates two large refurbishing plants in the USA and Great Britain. Devices from other manufacturers reprocessed there, including client computers, are marketed as “normal” reprocessed devices via partners or brokers. Some of them use refurbishers if they don't buy enough suitable computers themselves. It has come full circle.


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