"Throwaway society - no thanks!"

Prepared IT is also enjoying increasing popularity in the B2B environment. We spoke to Michael Bleicher, founder and managing director of the Schweinfurt IT refurbisher bb-net media, which offers a sustainable alternative to new purchases with its tecXL brand.

Mr. Bleicher, what significance does sustainability have in the procurement of IT products and what role does it play today and in the future?
Sustainability is a cross-industry and person-independent topic. The topic is also very popular in the federal government - so much so that a sustainability strategy is already being worked on. These are in-depth strategy recommendations for the procurement of hardware for the areas of economic, ecological and social sustainability. Companies and consumers are also rethinking, albeit slowly. It doesn't always have to be new. Longevity, repairability by simply exchanging components, cost savings without loss of quality - all of this is possible in the used IT sector. However, the rethinking that is taking place still leads to ineffective actions. Especially in small and medium-sized companies, DAX corporations and public areas, the consideration of active use of used or reconditioned products can be expanded. Time and again, you notice in tenders that they are trimmed in such a way that a processed product cannot be used. Of course, the manufacturer is keen to bring new products to the market, and it is often easier for system houses to name new goods, as there is often no knowledge of good, used IT.
However, the efficient use of resources and sustainability will play an even greater role in society in the future. Therefore it is important to do educational work. After all, replacing a notebook with a new, more energy-efficient one is not better for the environment. But on the contrary. The longer a notebook is used, the lower the share of the manufacturing phase in the environmental impact and the lower the overall environmental impact of notebook use. A sustainable product policy with a focus on lifespan is essential. The clear goal of every individual and every company should be: throwaway society - no, thank you!

What reservations do commercial end customers have about used or processed IT and how can you overcome them?
Basically, a distinction has to be made between used IT and processed IT, such as from tecXL. In many minds, something used is often associated with disadvantages and foregoing. The prejudices of used IT can be easily described using the automotive industry. In the automotive industry there is the flagged car dealer and the used car concept of a manufacturer. You get the same car - tested and prepared differently and to a different quality standard. This is also the case with used IT and processed IT with the tecXL quality promise. Refurbished tecXL devices are now at such a high level of technology that everyone, from typical office users to power users, can be operated. The business devices from well-known manufacturers are designed for a long service life. Thanks to technical processing and a generous standard guarantee of 24 months and further extension options as well as a 72-hour exchange service, a tecXL product is in no way inferior to a new product. As one of only 69 companies worldwide, bb-net is also officially one of the Microsoft Authorized Partners and thus acts like a manufacturer. Each device receives a current “Windows 10 Pro” or “Home” license with all security updates. For this purpose, each device is pre-installed with all drivers. And because security always comes first, all devices are equipped with a one-year virus protection license from Eset. This comprehensive overall package is often not even available for new goods.

What added value do you offer partners Your products?
tecXL is the seal of quality for the preparation of A brands such as Lenovo, Dell, Fujitsu or HP, on which one can rely with a clear conscience. In addition, with our tecXL products we offer attractive margins of up to 30 percent compared to new goods - where else do you get that today? There is also an active partner program with extensive marketing support, monthly offers, discounts, insider news, an exclusive partner group, data interfaces to shops and many other highlights. What is very important to us: We are committed to the re- and e-tail business and do not interfere in the channels of our partners. On the contrary, a good example of our partner engagement is the partner finder on the tecXL end customer website. Through various social media and marketing campaigns, we refer customers directly to one of our more than 650 specialist dealers, retailers or online shops.


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