Waiting for the final: Voting for the ITB Distri-Award 2022 is underway

There are such and such prizes in the ICT industry - and the Distri Award, one Readers' choice of IT-Business, is definitely one of those closest to the market. Almost like a seismograph, it records current moods and preferences and rewards those who have burned themselves into the memory of IT business readers with continuously good performance in the current year.  

Which of the many distributors was a reliable partner even in difficult times and literally "delivered"? In the unpredictable ups and downs of the corona pandemic, who was price stable, logistically flawless and customer-oriented or simply “just” particularly friendly? And is it even possible to ask such questions when the world is upside down and markets and players have to reposition themselves in many areas? One can. Especially in 2021 it becomes clear who with his organization has the power to react flexibly to different requirements, to act sustainably and economically, to make the impossible possible, to map changing demand situations as "lean" and transparently as possible and still remain sympathetic and ready for dialogue . It is now up to the readers of IT-Business to choose their distributor in 2022 in one of 14 categories. In the field of "Refurbishing & Remarketing", bb-net media GmbH is competing for the fifth time with the specialist trade brand TecXL and, after the award-winning participation in recent years, is particularly pleased this time about every vote, because the competitive environment is also growing in the relatively young genre " Refurbishing “is becoming denser and more demanding and therefore a bit more confusing. “But”, says bb-net sales manager Marco Kuhn, “we have a nice trump card with our own remarketing brand TecXL, which with its consistent quality philosophy is almost like a rock for many customers, especially in turbulent years . And I hope that matters to people. "


Case Study, ESET, IT-Freshmaker upgrades computers with security (LINK)Download
Case Study, ESET, IT-Freshmaker upgrades computers with security (PDF)Download
Case Studies, ESET (LINK)Download