Optimization of Microsoft COAs

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In the past few weeks we have received more and more questions about the new COAs from Microsoft and have already reported on the new scratch-off field on the stickers in various places. In addition to some confusion about the scratch-off field, in a few cases the letters of the license code were also scratched off in addition to the silver scratch-off area, rendering the license unusable.

Microsoft has addressed these problems and adjusted the COAs one more time. Among other things, the scratch-off field has been enlarged and transparent sections have been added on each side. The placement of the obfuscation label has been moved further to the left so that the left edge of the obfuscation label no longer overlies the product key. This makes it easier to see that this is a field that has to be scratched off in order to make the entire license code visible. At the same time, the surface has been improved so that none of the letters peel off.

The new COAs went into production in December and will arrive soon. Until then, the remaining stocks of COA labels will be used up. We therefore currently ask that customers point out the scratch-off field and remove the silver layer with appropriate care.

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