With trade-in programs you avoid electronic waste and benefit from our many years of experience in refurbishment. Expand your customer base with the offer of the complete IT lifecycle. 

You are faced with the question of what you can do with the hardware of your trade-in program? Do you have your own trade-in program and need a partner who can handle the transaction for you? These are all questions to which we have the answer. We offer one comprehensive solution concept from collection, auditing, data destruction, processing and marketing.

trade in teaser


Trade in process
trade-in payout

01. Payout
des vereinbarten Trade-In Preises
to your end customer

trade-in return delivery

02. Return delivery
the customer hardware
to them

trade in collection

03. Pick up
your customer hardware
on site including GPS monitoring

trade in data security

04. data security
through professional data
deletion including proof

trade in reproting

05. Reporting
based on the
Serial number

trade in sale

06. sale
the used hardware
to bb-net at the best prices


trade in professionally


through professional handling of your used IT hardware and free advice.

trade in transparent fair

Fair & Transparent

through understandable and certified processes. You will receive an overview of each process step.

trade in - profitable


by counter-financing our trade-in payment to your customer. In most cases they remain cost-neutral.

trade in safe


by deleting and destroying the data with a certified process and high-security transport on request. The associated reports are saved in an audit-proof manner.

Ask now your offer an


    What does trade-in mean?

    Trade-in essentially means that devices are returned and a voucher or cashback is paid out to secure the return of old devices. Similar to the car scrapping bonus.

    How old can devices be for a trade-in?

    The sum for the money-back products is not only linked to age. It also depends on the condition and the equipment.

    Darf auch defekte Ware zum Trade-In eingesendet werden?

    In the trade-in campaign, defective devices can only be bought against a residual value of the components. However, similar to the Lenovo trade-in, the customer should still receive a fixed cashback after the devices have been viewed.

    Who takes over the guarantee for sent devices?

    After the cashback of the exchange program, the seller does not have to accept any guarantee. Bb-net bears the risk of subsequent defects.

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