Toilet paper vs. used IT hardware

bb-net toilet paper Vs It Hardware
The corona crisis presents us with major challenges worldwide. One of them is the phenomenon of hamster purchases. All over the world, but especially in Germany, people are suddenly hoarding toilet paper - but why? There are various theories for this on the Internet. People fundamentally need to do something to protect themselves - this also applies to companies.

In the business sector, the storage of materials, especially IT equipment, did not just become fashionable with the Corona crisis. Every fourth German company invests up to € 4 annually in the storage and destruction of data carriers and IT hardware. Due to the pandemic, there will be repeated bottlenecks in the availability of new IT products in 100.000. At the same time, the volume of used, discarded laptops, computers and displays in the company's storage rooms increased. Those responsible want to play it safe so that they can quickly fall back on them if necessary. However, reality shows that reserve warehouses are becoming real IT cemeteries and the risk of possible data breaches increases. Stored hardware ages along with all of its data, with ongoing costs and increasing risks.

If you look at the storage or disposal of IT equipment from the perspective of sustainability, you can only say: “Sit down, six!”. Even today, new devices are still manufactured under critical circumstances with high consumption of natural resources. Locking away devices and their data risks or even having them disposed of and recycled at the company's expense is anything but economically and ecologically sensible.

Particularly in times of scarcity of resources and delivery bottlenecks, companies have to act economically but also socially. Companies, authorities and public institutions should clear out their temporary IT storage facilities and return them to the market after processing. Under no circumstances should it be handed over to a disposal company out of convenience! The devices are urgently needed in education, SMEs and the private sector.

The so-called "IT remarketing" offers companies many opportunities to give used hardware a second life and to achieve attractive additional income instead of costs. In addition, devices, hard drives and SSDs are certified for data deletion or data destruction. Prove carefree sustainable commitment - that's clever. Successful IT remarketing begins with the right choice of an IT remarketing (IT refurbisher) service provider. In our 40-page whitepaper, you can find out how you can find this, learn exciting background knowledge and at the end do a check-up. The author explains the entire hardware remarketing process and gives decision support. It creates clarity with terms and topics and considers legal aspects. You can download the white paper free of charge at Request.

If you want to deal with decommissioned IT economically and sustainably and also want to avoid data protection or disposal problems, then this white paper is just the right thing.” says Michael Bleicher, author, CEO, visionary and specialist in IT remarketing.

The bottom line is, regardless of whether it is hygiene articles or used IT - those who store unnecessarily large quantities prevent others from being able to access what they need. It is time to rethink and pass on resources that you do not necessarily need yourself.


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