Wiederverwertung auf höchstem Niveau. Die tecXL Upcycling Edition besteht aus ausrangierten IT-Hardware Materialien, die durch kreative und handwerkliche Geschicke zu echten Unikaten werden.

Around 45 million tons of electronic waste are produced worldwide.
And that every year!

This corresponds roughly to the weight of around 1.731 Berlin television towers. By processing used IT hardware, we help reduce the amount of electronic waste. It is our goal to continuously optimize our company, also in terms of sustainability. Without ifs and waste.

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Doing something good for the environment often starts with very small steps. We set a good example and want to encourage other companies and show how easy it can be to have a positive effect on the environment and the climate.

Rethink Your Choices | Reconsider your chances

It doesn't always have to be something new. Every purchase in the business as well as private sector should be carefully considered. If new IT is purchased, why not high quality used ones instead of wasting resources through new production?

Refuse single use | No to one-cycle products!

Ein Beispiel von vielen: In Deutschland werden bis zu 140.000 Coffee-to-go-Becher pro Stunde verbraucht. Wir produzieren nach wie vor zu viel überflüssige Einwegartikel, die am Ende dort landen, wo sie nicht hingehören – in unseren Meeren und Landschaften. Mit dem Kauf von gebrauchter IT-Hardware schont man nicht nur den eigenen Geldbeutel sondern trägt dazu bei, produzierte Geräte mehr als einmal zu verwenden.

Reduce | Less is more! 

Hand auf’s Herz. Brauchen wir wirklich alle die Dinge, die wir gekauft haben? Oftmals werden aus Bequemlichkeit Anschaffung getätigt die nicht notwendig sind.
Get out of the comfort zone → reduce consumption.

Trap | Reuse!

Just throw away usable items that are not needed? No way! Give it to other people or institutions.

We have a tip for everyone who has no idea what to do with their old device after purchasing a tecXL notebook: Donate it to Labdoo.

Labdoo collects decommissioned laptops and tablets. The organization gives children all over the world access to IT and education. All information: https://www.labdoo.org/de/LabdooD

Refurbish | Processing of reusable products

Our specialty. Preparation of used IT to the highest degree. With a good six-digit number of refurbished devices per year, we can really say that we are diligent refurbishers. By the way, tecXL stands for the highest quality refurbished business devices from Lenovo, HP, Dell and Fujitsu.

Repair | Junk or not?

The car is a good example of this. In the event of damage, one does not immediately think of buying a new one. The reason for this is the high investment costs. So why not invest in what you already have instead of buying a new one?

With a refurbished notebook from tecXL, the products have a second life cycle and companies receive a business-class device at the price of an entry-level model. So repairs can be worthwhile, as many repair cafés across Germany show.

More about repair cafés: https://repaircafe.org/de/besuchen/

Repurpose | Recycling

tecXL Upcycling Edition. Durch unsere Projekt zeigen wir,  wie leicht man selbst aus vermeintlichem Schrott echte Unikate zaubern kann. Dadurch tragen wir kreativ zum Umweltschutz bei.

Recycle | When nothing works: recycling!

Why it is so important to separate rubbish and, above all, to properly dispose of electronic waste, can be seen in developing countries.

But not only through professional disposal, but also by purchasing a refurbished tecXL device, you are making a significant contribution to maintaining the ecosystem.

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Driven by these three properties, the Schweinfurt Technology Center not only produces refurbished IT hardware but also creates real eye-catchers and unique items from non-reusable old materials.

We would like to go the mile further and show that we not only bring functional material into the second life cycle, but can even breathe a real new life into e-waste with creativity.

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upcycling edition keychain

Article no. 108610


The little helper from the former WLAN module.

Small but nice. The eye-catcher on the keychain.
The tecXL upcycling key rings spice up every bunch of keys. We manufacture these unique items from old notebook WLAN cards, combined with key rings made of scrap metal. The extraordinary keychain decoration is rounded off with our 100% environmentally friendly tecXL stickers.


Article no. 108992 (set of 2)


Noble coasters made of hard disk magnetic disks.

A round thing. Extravagant table accessories.
Die tecXL Upcycling Untersetzer verleihen jedem Tisch einen edlen Touch und bieten jedem Gefäß eine stabile und anschauliche Abstellfläche. Wir fertigen diese Unikate aus alten Magnetscheiben, die wir aus defekten Festplatten entnehmen. Nicht einmal für die Druckveredelung verlassen sie unser Technologie Center – auch diesen machen wir selbst.

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Taten say more than a thousand words.
Become a RE-Hero.

With the purchase of our tecXL Upcycling Edition articles, you are actively contributing to creating added value from discarded materials.

We donate part of the proceeds from our tecXL Upcycling Edition to a non-profit environmental initiative.
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