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November 12, 2014 | Schweinfurt

Under the label tecXL, the IT processing company bb-net offers completely overhauled devices, the properties of which can compete with those of new goods. The Schweinfurt-based company works with a network of specialist retail partners for the sale of quality-assured branded products. “We know that our dealers are required to convey the benefits of reconditioned hardware to the end customer and to dispel prejudices against used devices”, says bb-net managing director Michael Bleicher and continues: “In order to provide them with the right tools for this we have now started the tecXL partner program. "

All customers registered with bb-net as dealers who market the business PCs and notebooks of the tecXL series online and / or offline and achieve a minimum annual turnover can benefit from the partner program. "These companies have access to the data interfaces to our article master and to the current inventory data. This enables them to access our product range more precisely and more quickly, ”explains Michael Bleicher. All items listed are pre-produced goods in stock that can be sent to specialist retail partners within one working day.

In addition to the tecXL partner logo and the associated partner certificate, retailers registered in the program have access to various advertising materials for their marketing purposes. The spectrum ranges from web banner downloads to flyers and posters that can be requested to give-aways such as printed pens, balloons or beverage cans. Other products that retailers can use to design their shops in the tecXL style are in the works - for example, window stickers and flags. As basic equipment, bb-net sends every new tecXL partner a free marketing starter package, consisting of a selection of posters, flyers and promotional gifts.

The IT processing company also enters all partner shops in which tecXL goods can be viewed live and purchased directly in its partner finder at www.tecXL. End customers can easily find the nearest store there using a map or location research.

Last but not least, the bb-net sales and marketing team supports the partner companies in all matters relating to the marketing of high-quality hardware in the second life cycle.

There is more about the tecXL partner program and a registration option at

Background information on "tecXL - technology like new"

Only used devices from the business lines of well-known manufacturers such as Lenovo, Fujitsu, Dell and HP can be used as “input material” for the tecXL brand. These PCs and notebooks are designed to be more durable and robust than end-user systems. They are also easier to upgrade and expand. The used goods bought from companies, authorities and leasing companies are processed at bb-net in a quality-assured process. All tecXL PCs, notebooks and tablets are supplied with the original Windows7 operating system installed and all the necessary drivers. Thanks to an authorized partnership between bb-net and the software giant Microsoft, this is flawless under license law. Bb-net gives a one year warranty on the texCL goods - and the price is up to 70 percent below that of comparable new goods.


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