The company headquarters built in 2018 are processed well over 100.000 devices per year from the device retrieval of used IT - fully digital and almost fully automatically.

In our technology center, used IT is very welcome and absolutely secure, both device and its data. The high technical and organizational measures from the point of view of IT security paired with our completely specially developed software solution make our center one of the leading and best in Germany.

We are also able to implement your IT project on a total of 2.600 square meters of processing space plus office and social rooms.


IT equipment
Total capacity

reprocessed devices

Installation & tests

Data deletions


At the end of the IT lifecycle, bb-net relieves you of the three main processes of the Rollbackours Technology center and the Remarketing.

We offer a comprehensive solution concept for collection, auditing, data destruction, processing and marketing. In addition, we can present the services cheaper and more securely for you.

The almost unique approach of our technology center, paired with the most modern equipment and our own software solution, ensure continuous data security, transparency of all processes and the re-marketing or disposal of used IT devices in the recycling cycle.

These three letters stand for one of the most advanced and best processes from incoming goods to final production for used IT.

SAM is the abbreviation for our specially developed software, which carries out all partial processing steps automatically and guides the employee to LEAN. At bb-net, Manufacturing 4.0 is not a vision but a reality.

notebook with software sam

Since the times of the GDPR, the topic of data security and data deletion has become indispensable.

Everyone can delete data? What we have to offer in combination with our software [SAM] is almost unique and perfect for your legal security.

Data recognition, data erasure and data destruction. This is our concept of a complete removal of your data.

We can do better: We look deeply and electronically into your devices, find and automatically log every medium, such as SIM, smart and media cards, data carriers and internal storage media. What is still done by others via work instructions and via man-machine is fully digital with us and therefore seamless and error-free.

Insight notebook parts

Our process landscape and the [SAM] software provide you with an insight into the current processing status at any time.

But we know more for your and our safety. For each step, the activity, the processor and a time stamp are recorded. These are enriched with the actual device data. A perfect 360 ° all-round view of the IT systems.


The main focus and core competence is clearly on mobile devices from entry-level notebooks to high-end workstation devices. Due to the mostly heterogeneous initial situation in the company, we are able to process all essential IT units.

Processing stations
Partly at 3 heights
168 meters

Optical classification
and cleaning
12 places

Technical preparation
Repair and refitting
10 places

4 streets


> Incoming goods
Device recording, audit, data destruction
Pre-cleaning, optical and technical processing, installation, packaging
High-bay storage, commission, shipping
Marcel Zitzmann

Marcel Zitzmann, is an expert when it comes to the flow of goods within the company.

Before joining bb-net, he was a supply chain expert for production and material planning at Coca-Cola. The trained industrial manager and passionate football player heads the entire area of ​​production, as well as the associated customer service and logistics departments. Together with the rollback management in the area of ​​procurement, he and his 35-strong team will soon be working on your project.

Would you like to take a close look at our exciting areas of IT processing or our processes? Get a personal picture - directly on site. Our doors are open to you at any time, provided you have registered in advance.

A highlight for many visitors is our refurbished old-timer Berta, in which you are welcome to take a seat - in the middle of our production hall.

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