Rotary Club uses Refresh for a good cause

Laptop donation for refugees

The Rotary Club Düsseldorf-Schlossturm commissions the Schweinfurt IT processor bb-net with the hardware refresh of 60 notebooks. The devices are generously donated to Diakonie Düsseldorf.

Press release from Diakonie Düsseldorf

Many children currently have to study at home instead of at school. However, this is practically impossible without your own PC, because many of the schools' services are now digital. According to a study by the Institut der Deutschen Wirtschaft, however, only a few children have a computer that they can use. This is especially true for children from financially weak families - they need intensive support in times of crisis in order not to be left behind. In order to help these children quickly and unbureaucratically, the Rotary Club Düsseldorf-Schlossturm has donated 60 laptops to Diakonie Düsseldorf.

This was made possible by the courtesy of the Solingen company Teqport, which supplies the laptops at special conditions. Sebastian Neubeck, Managing Director Teqport: "After the request, we spontaneously agreed to sell the laptops below the purchase price due to their non-profit nature." The company bb-net media GmbH prepared the laptops. The laptops are given out by the social pedagogues of the Diakonie to particularly affected school children.

"Youth welfare and promotion is one of the charitable topics of our club," explains Dr. Wolfgang Schepers, member of the community service board of the RC Düsseldorf-Schlossturm. "With this donation we want to make a contribution to educational justice." Rotary Club Düsseldorf-Schlossturm and Diakonie have been working together for a long time. At the beginning of the crisis, the club - like other Rotary clubs in Düsseldorf - supported the Diakonie with a generous donation to help people of all ages and in all walks of life whose situation had deteriorated drastically due to Corona, for example with shopping vouchers for food.

 About the club: The cornerstone of Rotary is providing humanitarian aid to alleviate hardship. Promoting young people is one of the basic principles. Worldwide, Rotary makes a sustainable contribution to society in order to create a better, less conflicted, and healthier world in small steps.

Details on the refresh

The 60 devices went through the entire refresh process at bb-net. Starting with unpacked collection, optical cleaning, data deletion, technical upgrading and installation to licensing of Windows 10 Home. All devices were guaranteed for 12 months and were delivered to Rotary on time.