Concordia is committed to sustainability


The Hanoverian insurance company Concordia relies on their processing instead of new IT devices and saves over 300.000 euros through the cooperation with bb-net. Concordia, the insurance association founded in 1864, and its subsidiaries offer up-to-date and realistic insurance solutions for private customers, businesses and agriculture throughout Germany.

Concordia Insurance places the principle of sustainability at the center of their actions to the best of their ability. In doing so, economic, social and environmental aspects are equally taken into account. At Concordia, this is done against the background of a tradition spanning over 150 years. As mutual insurers, they have always placed the interests of customers and employees at the center of their actions. When it comes to handling notebooks, the insurance company emphasized that sustainable economic action is not just a marketing strategy, but is actively lived in all areas of the company. One tries to take new approaches and instead of brand-new IT devices to bring the existing ones up to the state of the art. In the course of an extensive analysis of the IT landscape and its software requirements, the plan was put into practice. The right partner was sought for this, who can initially provide advice for the project planning.

The choice fell on the Schweinfurt-based company bb-net. For almost 25 years, the specialist has been the epitome of professional handling of hardware in the second life cycle. Today, the owner-managed company is one of the market leaders among German IT processors and one of the small group of 70 Microsoft partners around the world who meet the high standards and carry the Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher award.

Since moving into the new bb-net company headquarters at the end of 2018, its production has been able to test and process up to 120.000 devices annually. At the end of production, a technical product like new is created under the tecXL brand. Sales are carried out by over 500 partners across Germany. Smart IT services are also increasingly being offered.

After two weeks of preparation, both at bb-net and at Concordia, the go-ahead was given for the first 350 devices. After just 72 hours, the insurance expert was informed of the incoming goods on a serial number basis. In addition, the devices had already been cleaned and optically refurbished. It then only took another four days until the desired components were installed in the devices and a full check of the technical status was carried out.

In a final meeting, Concordia underlined the high level of professionalism with the words: “Even with temporary challenges, bb-net provided us with the best possible support and took over the entire process for us. We can only thank you for the quality and speed of the service. A completely new approach to our IT environment that has paid off - for the environment and our wallet. "

At the end of production, the machines were packed securely for transport and set off for the head office. Once there, they were exchanged for devices that had yet to be revised at the user's facility in order to deliver the next tranche to Schweinfurt. Thanks to the cooperation between the two companies, many CO2-Equivalent and kilowatt hours can be saved compared to a new production. The associated green certificate of savings will be handed over to the client as a free service at the end of the year.


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