Blancco study Inadequate sustainability strategies

Blancco Inadequate sustainability study

Sensible data deletion includes a complete security and software concept. Because data deletion is not the same as data deletion. bb-net developed a three-stage deletion security concept for this: recognition of data, deletion of data and destruction of data carriers. Blancco's data erasure software is used in the second stage of the erasure concept. Blancco Drive Eraser erases sensitive data from HDDs and SSDs securely, irrevocably and in the shortest possible time. The importance of data deletion and proper data medium destruction is still greatly underestimated. By publishing the research study “Insufficient sustainability strategies: companies do not pay enough attention to the handling of e-waste”, Blancco draws attention to the problem of the physical destruction of hard drives.

The research study of 1.850 leading decision-makers from the world's largest companies examines the number of organizations using physical destruction to dispose of their IT assets, as well as:

  • The harmful effects of e-waste on our environment
  • How used IT assets can be securely reused, resold or donated through data deletion - and extend the life of your IT investment
  • How data erasing can aid your corporate social responsibility plan