Donation: Four laptops against longing

four laptops against longing
Longing alleviated through IT donation.

Heiko Engel and Thomas Weigand from the management team of the Rafeld active families became aware of a call by Annalena Fenn through a Facebook entry: Due to Corona, a lot has changed in the Antonia Werr Center as well. Due to the strict restrictions on going out and visiting, the girls and young women in the curative-pedagogical-therapeutic youth welfare facility lacked the contact, but also the laptops to be able to "meet" friends and family at least via the networks during the Corona period. The "RaF", often jokingly referred to in Grafenrheinfeld, are known for supporting charitable organizations in the region, and so the management duo Weigand and Engel quickly realized: something had to be done. Thanks to the proceeds from the annual clothes market and the help at the church fair, there was a financial cushion and so there was 700 euros and a contact to the Schweinfurt processing company for IT equipment, bb-net media GmbH, which for the 700 euros four laptops for the girls and women from the Antonia Werr Center provided. The joy was great, as a letter of thanks shows, because with the four laptops, the girls can now, according to the text, at least "appease their longing" for family and friends "a little".


Mainpost, May 14.05.2020, XNUMX, donation of four laptops against longing (LINK)Download
Mainpost, 14.05.2020, Donation of four laptops against longing (PDF)Download