Software on used devices

Windows software

tecXL offers customers and dealers legal security for licenses

The topic of used software is currently again present in many specialist media and on online platforms. Since a ruling by the European Court of Justice in July 2012, trading in used licenses is generally allowed. This also includes the sale of individual software keys without associated documents or data carriers.

It is difficult for dealers and customers to differentiate between legally acquired and illegal licenses, especially if these are only passed on in the form of a number key. Criminal providers take advantage of this problem and offer illegal keys for sale under the guise of used software.

Attempting activation reveals the dizziness - to the frustration of the customer and to the suffering of the specialist retailer who sold him the computer. The damage to the dealer's reputation is often just the beginning. Depending on the manufacturer, this can lead to lengthy legal consequences and high costs for re-licensing the products.

Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher - Original licenses for refurbished devices

So that you are on the safe side when selling reconditioned notebooks and PC systems from tecXL, a new Windows license is included with all systems. The Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher Program was specially developed for IT refurbishers who bring used equipment back to the market for a second life cycle.

bb-net is one of the small group of around 80 companies worldwide that meet the strict requirements of the software manufacturer and have received MAR status. For dealers and customers, this means legally secure Windows 10 licenses on all devices that are processed by us and sold under the tecXL brand.

It all depends on the download source

One feature that can help identify genuine software is the download source. If you only get a license key from your supplier, you usually have to download and install the software from an online portal before you can use it. The trade press recommends paying particular attention to the path of the download source. If it is a serious offer, the providers usually refer to the manufacturer's website, in the case of Windows this means a Microsoft website. However, if the software is offered via a third party provider, a private website or other server, particular caution is required. In this case, it is not only questionable whether the corresponding license is legally correct, there is also the risk that, in addition to the desired program, other data and malicious programs may be transferred to the hard drive without being noticed.