This is how IT remarketing works

This is how IT remarketing works - carts with used computers

The term "IT remarketing" appears again and again on the Internet. But what is buying hardware anyway? ReasonäComputer remarketing is generally understood to be a long process in which used IT hardware is purchased and processed. This can be worthwhile - we will show you how this entire process works and which individual steps must be observed.

After all, reselling used hardware consists of many different sub-steps, which can be taken over by a service provider. The existing IT hardware is technically overhauled. In technical terms, this process is called "refurbishment". This is, so to speak, a kind of recycling of hardware, which also protects the environment. So should you für IT remarketing, you automatically act in a sustainable and resource-saving manner. After all, it is positive in many ways if the hardware remains in use for as long as possible after the data has been deleted and can be used by other companies.

The purchase of hardware is still viewed critically by many companies. There are fears about company data or increased workload in the personnel area. Many entrepreneurs do not even know that the time-consuming processes of computer remarketing are all taken over by the service provider. It is also not a problem to securely load the hard driveöting. So there are many reasons to be involved in selling PC hardware.

Advice and planning - First of all, you should talk to experts about whether your hardware is even suitable for IT remarketing. Then an individual plan for hardware purchase and IT remarketing is created.

Dismantling and transport - Under no circumstances should the hardware be damaged during transport. Therefore, the service provider takes this step to avoid damage. Your hardware is also protected against data theft in special transporters.

Stocktaking - The third step is to get an idea of ​​the delivery. All devices delivered are recorded and their status checked before work can begin.

Data lengthöing - In order to guarantee absolute protection, the existing data is completely deleted in several processes. After this special data deletion, it is no longer possible to restore company data.

refurbishment - In this step, the used hardware is repaired and brought into perfect condition. The disposal of unusable IT is also ensured: Defective devices are professionally removed from the world.

Remarketing - The provider also takes care of the IT re-marketing of the hardware itself. The buyer has a certain guarantee and can not understand who the original owner of the device was.

 grantödetermination and payment - In the last step, you will receive the equivalent value from the service provider. The amount varies depending on the condition, age and equipment of the IT hardware supplied.

Process graphic purchase

Here you can read the entire process in detail and watch.