tecXL singles at a special price

Singles special price

In order to describe the devices as precisely as possible to our customers before they buy them, large items are often divided into different article numbers. Even the smallest deviations are listed in detail under the individual article numbers.

This split often leads to individual items, which then lead to a lonely existence in our warehouse. Since positive features such as better graphics cards and larger hard drives lead to such individual items, you can often find real bargains among these singles.

We want to give you the opportunity to get an overview of these individual items and at the same time relieve our warehouse a little. That is why we have now grouped all devices with the number 1 in four new categories in our online shop. You can find the respective products quickly and clearly under Notebooks, PCs, Workstations and TFTs.

As an additional incentive, the price for all devices in these categories was reduced by 10%. So it's worth taking a look and rummaging around. Maybe there is something for you too.

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