Safety briefing at bb-net

Bb Net safety briefing

In order to ensure that all employees know how to work correctly, safely and healthily, safety training is carried out at bb-net on a regular basis. The safety briefing must take place once a year, this year it took place on September 26, 2016.

Instructions create trust among employees and ensure the company's success. In occupational health and safety, they are a building block for the sustainable economic success of a company. In the safety briefing, general topics such as what to do in the event of accidents / fires, self-rescue in the event of danger or the wearing of personal protective equipment were addressed.

Finally, the safety briefing was documented. The minimum content of the documentation is the name and signature of the instructed person, the subject, and the date and time. The documentation serves as evidence for the entrepreneur to fulfill his obligations.

We thank all employees for participating!