Sabrina Punke new safety officer

Bb Net Security Officer

Sabrina Punke has been with bb-net since 2011 and is an integral part of the company as the HR team leader. At "EDL - External Services" she has now been successfully trained as a security officer through a 2-day training course. As of now, she will take on this additional function in addition to her current position at bb-net.

Why do you need a security officer?

Safety officers have an important function in the company. They are provided by the legislature and the statutory accident insurance to support companies and entrepreneurs in the prevention of work accidents, occupational diseases and work-related health hazards.

That is why safety officers are a must:

Safety officers make the work more efficient, safer and often even easier. You recognize and avoid hazards, inform the employees and investigate the causes of accidents. Last but not least, with their contribution to occupational safety, they secure jobs in our company. Because more safety in the workplace minimizes costs and risks and increases productivity.

We wish Sabrina Punke every success in her new additional function!