Rotary Club Schweinfurt: Talent stage

Bb Net Rotary

On October 15.10.2016, XNUMX, the "Talent Stage" information day of the Schweinfurt Rotary Club "Friedrich Rückert" for refugees and immigrants took place, which was also supported by bb-net. Matthias Ress and Sabrina Punke were there to get a personal impression of the event.

A total of 54 companies were represented and were able to give interested immigrants an insight into the respective fields of activity. They in turn had the opportunity to show their craftsmanship as masons, tilers and electrical engineers. In this way, companies and job seekers should be brought together in line with their skills and requirements. At the end of the day, 44 internships were arranged, which should result in as many training courses as possible in the companies.

Rotary is an organization of professionals from all professions who have come together worldwide to provide humanitarian service and advocate for peace and understanding between nations. The name “Rotary” is derived from the early practice of meeting in a rotation system in the various offices of the members. Worldwide over 1,2 million people are members of the more than 32.500 clubs.