Reverse logistics and bb-net are important for IT distributions

Howard Davies, Context CEO, photo rights: IDG
Photo shows Howard Davies, CEO of Context, at the Channel Partner Awards ceremony. Image rights: IDG.
The importance of refurbishment in IT distributors is shown by the ChannelPartner award, which is presented with Context: "With bb-net media GmbH, a proven specialist was able to take the top spot in the "Special Distribution" category."

Howard Davies, CEO of the channel market research company Context, has been observing the IT industry and, in particular, indirect sales channels in Europe for many years. For him, distribution still plays a crucial role.

In order to position themselves for the future, wholesalers should not rest on their laurels. In order to meet the needs of medium-sized resellers in particular, the distributors should expand their offerings in the areas of cloud and hybrid services, edge computing and sustainability.

Reverse logistics is on the rise. Howard Davies, CEO of Context, sees a stronger role for distribution in the future, especially in the areas of refurbishment, take-back systems and lifecycle management. The channel specialist calls this “reverse logistics”. Smaller wholesalers should also expand their structures here in good time.

This year's Channel Excellence Awards, presented by ChannelPartner in cooperation with Context, show how important refurbishment has become for distributors: With BB-Net, a proven specialist was able to take the top spot in the "Special Distribution" category.

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