High residual values, guaranteed buyback and end-of-life service for leasing companies

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Particularly in the massively increasing financing of IT goods, significantly higher residual values ​​can be achieved through cooperation with a strong partner if this does not remain with the user but is marketed. This requires buyback guarantees and the option of selling services to the lessee through additional services.

For you and your customers, the IT lifecycle should not end with the last leasing installment, because remarketing will generate additional income.

bb-net can assure you a guaranteed residual value for various product groups from the IT environment of the original value even before the first leasing installment. Far above your calculated residual values. Benefit from the complete IT lifecycle and create sustainability and data security for your partners.

On average, financiers calculate from a full amortization to a safe three to five percent residual value after the end of the leasing period. A minimum residual value of 10 percent is guaranteed at bb-net. In most cases, however, significantly higher residual values ​​are possible in many IT objects such as notebooks. The visual and technical check of the lease returns in our technology center gives you an exact list of all IT units based on serial numbers. This also allows you to claim discounts from the lessee or the insurance company.

You can generate further income by actively selling the value-added services at the end of the leasing period and thus also secure new customer business. Of course, this is also possible indirectly via your sales partner network. Here we offer white label solutions and act in your name or your partner.

We have created an information page especially for you as a leasing company and financier.