With us you sell your used and decommissioned workstations. Carefree with collection, data deletion and extremely fair market prices.

With workstations, both as a portable mobile version and as a desktop workstation, companies rely on the best performance for extensive tasks. Constant change is essential. This is exactly where bb-net is your partner. You sell us your decommissionedn and decommissioned workstations and still achieve high residual values. The focus here is on the brands Dell, Lenovo, Hewlett Packard (HP) and Fujitsu. Of course you will receive in advance like an individual Consultation. We will then take over for you, ones have a  Complete-Service with packaging, transport, data deletion and all reporting.  

Of course, we not only take back high-end devices, but also many other IT products. We are the buyback specialist for your entire IT infrastructure. 

Hardware workstation teaser

Purchase of further business IT

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