Authorized signatory at bb-net

News power of attorney bb-net

With the beginning of the new year 2017 there are now 2 authorized signatories at bb-net. Our managing director Michael Bleicher has given his wife Sonja Bleicher and marketing and sales manager Marco Kuhn power of attorney. Prokura is an extensive commercial power of representation. If the managing director is absent, the two will represent him or permanently relieve him of tasks.

The granting of a power of attorney offers comprehensive representation in all conceivable areas of the company. It also contributes to legal security and to the essential facilitation and acceleration of business and economic transactions at bb-net. An authorized officer may, among other things, conduct all business transactions, enter into liabilities, grant power of attorney as well as conclude settlements and grant powers of attorney.

We are happy about the new qualifications of the two and would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Sonja Bleicher and Marco Kuhn once again!

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