PC workstations for migrants

Donation for the Milo project (migrant guides)

September 11, 2013 | Schweinfurt

The IT refurbishing company bb-net media from Schweinfurt donated five 19-inch computer screens to the Milo (migrant guides) project. The voluntary service organized by the Schweinfurt branch of the Paritätischer Wohlfahrtsverband together with the city of Schweinfurt primarily supports newly arrived migrants, but also migrants who have been living in Germany for a long time.

For example, this year young immigrants from socially disadvantaged families should each be given a PC workstation on a donation basis. For this purpose, a general practitioner from the region donated five new PCs, and an IT service provider from Schweinfurt donated the matching keyboards. To complete the sets, however, the screens were still missing.

A few weeks ago, Michael Bleicher, managing director of bb-net media GmbH in Schweinfurt, donated five 19-inch TFT displays to the need after a newspaper announcement. When it came to choosing the right devices, he was able to draw on a wealth of resources: His company buys large batches of used IT devices from companies and authorities and prepares them for resale in a quality-assured process (refurbishing). Bb-net media brings about 4 PCs, notebooks and displays back into the product cycle every month.

In the meantime, the Paritätische Wohlfahrtsverband has handed over four of the PC workstations to young people who can use them for their school tasks. The fifth computer-screen combination is in the office of migration advice of the welfare association in Lange Zehnstrasse in Schweinfurt, where it is used, for example, for software-supported language training.


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