OB Remelé visits bb-net


bb-net - A success story grown in the Maintal opportunities center

Important visit from the Schweinfurt town hall to the attractive IT employer bb-net media GmbH. The city of Schweinfurt proves very well what a city administration can do for its economic development. The Chance Center in the Schweinfurt Main Valley offers excellent development opportunities for start-ups and young companies. Thanks to an optimal location, favorable rental conditions and individually usable areas, the premises are ideal for young companies in particular.

Bb-net media GmbH is one of the companies that recognized these possibilities and relocated from Schwebheim to Schweinfurt many years ago. The successful company is using the further growth opportunities in the Main Valley.

How successful bb-net is, 1 year after leaving the Opportunities Center, Lord Mayor Sebastian Remelé and economic development manager Pia Jost were personally convinced and visited the new headquarters of the family-run company.

Managing Director Michael Bleicher led OB Remelé and Jost through the history of the almost 25-year-old company and explained what the processing of used IT products actually means and which processes, requirements and possibilities are hidden behind it. In addition to his interest in day-to-day business, Remelé was also interested in the numerous employee benefits, social commitment and the company's high level of environmental and sustainability awareness. A tour through the Technology Center, the heart of the Schweinfurt company headquarters, gave the city visit a deep insight into the refurbishment process of the second product life cycle of IT equipment.

The mutual exchange between Mayor Remelé, Jost and Bleicher was also used for constructive criticism. Remelé was very interested in feedback on urban processes, such as before and during the construction phase of the bb-net company building.

Ultimately, the visit also helped to confirm that Schweinfurt, and in particular the Main Valley, is the right location for the successful company. In connection with this, Bleicher clearly signaled to the city that it would acquire another option area in order to be prepared for future growth steps.


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