bb-net receives NewWork Excellence seal of approval

Bayme New Work Excellence
Combining life and work with one another and keeping the well-known work-life balance of employees in a healthy balance is essential for employers these days. When it comes to new work around agile working methods and the well-being of employees, bb-net is a real pioneer. Bayme vbm was able to determine the agility level of bb-net. The Schweinfurt-based company achieved a full 92%!

What exactly is New Work? New Work is the name for a new understanding of work in times of globalization and digitization.

bb-net media GmbH has been using the New Work concept for several years. “By using agile methods, employees have more responsibility, but in return they also have more freedom, flexibility and fun in their work. From which we, as a company, but also our partners and customers benefit. We adapt to our teams and design positions, offices and working hours as individually as the people who fill them,” reports bb-net CEO Michael Bleicher.

New work offers companies great advantages. Flat hierarchies, which result in short and fast decision-making processes, as well as the distribution of responsibility among several employees: inside or entire teams, strengthen the internal WE feeling. Both improve long-term cooperation, also and above all in critical times. Agile work requires one thing above all: transparency and communication at eye level. Through cross-functional teams in which employees from different areas work together on new innovations, companies will be more successful in the long term.

In order to be able to measure the current agile status of your own company, bayme vbm provides a QuickCheck. If an agility level of 66 percent or higher is achieved as part of the QuickCheck, the company receives the NewWork Excellence seal of approval.

bb-net achieved an agility level of 92% in the current QuickCheck. The IT refurbisher was able to collect a total of 133 out of 145 points, thereby securing participation in the bayme's Agil.Award 2021.


More about the awards and certifications from bb-net at: 25 years of IT refurbishment from Schweinfurt | BB-NET (

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