For more than two decades at bb-net media GmbH, devices from the notebooks, PC systems, TFT displays, smartphones and tablets product lines have been tested, cleaned and overhauled in professional processes. With the motto Quality Creates Value, the company has established itself as one of the largest processors of used hardware on the German market. The sustainable business is flourishing: every year, up to 100.000 devices are tested and processed at the Schweinfurt site. In order to bring together the wide range of tasks under one roof and thus to further optimize the process of professional IT processing, all departments were now in a building with more than 3.000 m2 Work surface united. To ensure that the 65 employees are optimally equipped, a workstation system was created together with the specialists from Krieg Workflex, which, in addition to ergonomic aspects, above all guarantees maximum flexibility and cost-effectiveness.

The acceptance of reprocessed hardware has increased enormously in recent years. Because the preparation of a computer requires significantly fewer resources and less waste is produced than when manufacturing a new system. The offer is therefore an active contribution to environmental protection. Lease returns or devices from rollback projects of large companies that regularly update their entire IT are given a second life cycle. Bb-net media GmbH has specialized in this so-called refurbishment process, which ends with a product. From Apple products to notebooks, from PC systems to TFT displays to docking stations: the unique concept of the premium processor and special distributor is well received by retailers as well as commercial consumers and private individuals.

Professional and multifunctional solution desired

In the production facility in Schweinfurt, more than 5.000 devices are processed every month. In order for this to be successful, industrial processes that resemble those of a hardware manufacturer are required. And optimal use of space - this is the only way to handle large quantities in short terms. The production includes simultaneous processing stations - this includes installation benches, circulation paternoster systems, workstations for technical and optical processing, semi-automatic packaging lines, a security area for project processing and data deletion as well as various parking spaces. 100.000 units, including 65.000 devices with a Microsoft license, are processed annually at bb-net media GmbH, plus additional distribution items, new components and used IT.

Initially, the company had its production, warehouse and administration spread across several halls at the site. The equipment consisted of inexpensive individual solutions and used systems, which turned out to be not very functional. Some workstations had been designed and built in-house and were only suitable for a single work step. “It was our wish to finally install a solution that is much more professional and multifunctional with the construction of a new large hall,” explains Managing Director Michael Bleicher. For the now 3.000 m2 The available production and storage space had one overriding goal: a well thought-out and uniform workstation system that optimally depicts the entire production process.

To be one step ahead of the times and to offer the customer decisive advantages - that is the aim of the company. In order to do justice to the high-tech process at the workplaces exactly according to this company philosophy, bb-net media GmbH was on the lookout for a system that was suitable for all areas of application. In the search for a possible supplier, War Workflex was quickly identified - through discussions with friendly companies and research on the Internet. Bleicher: "The website was appealing, the catalog was also interesting and the examples spoke to us directly." The fact that bb-net media GmbH ultimately decided on Krieg Workflex was also due to the specialization, the variety of colors and the brisk communication channels. "Everything went quickly, easily and pragmatically, so that we too could make a quick decision and make all the details."

From incoming mail to final inspection

The value creation process at bb-net media begins after the purchase of hardware with the classic incoming mail and an individual assessment. This is followed by visual and technical recording: If the hardware is too old or too badly damaged, it is disposed of. For old or heavily worn systems, for which processing is unprofitable, the certified waste management company takes over the professional dismantling. Professional preparation begins for all other IT products. More than 250 devices are revised every day in accordance with the highest quality standards - from thorough cleaning and visual preparation to technical repairs and upgrading with new components. After the general overhaul the complete pre-installation and configuration takes place. In between there are numerous processing stages, the conversion and upgrading of the devices, various intermediate and final tests. The quality and processing approach in the company is unique - especially with regard to data security: the transferred devices are completely anonymized. In an extra security area, data carriers are overwritten several times and recovery is made impossible. In the case of particularly sensitive databases, the certified data destruction company offers machine destruction.

“We had a very specific idea of ​​what we wanted in terms of workplace design,” recalls Bleicher. The company compiled all of the objects itself via the Krieg Workflex website and examined them using 3D drawings. Are the lists complete? Are the assembly lengths correct? Which accessories do you need? The Krieg team checked the order and acted as advisors. “After 48 hours we had the first offer on the table, that was impressive.” The design of the workstations should match the company's corporate identity. “Only war offered that option. It was very important to us to implement the color scheme exactly according to our ideas. ”The entire architecture is held in a dark anthracite in combination with a silver tone and a light gray. Whether it is a production hall, high shelving or built-in components: This uniform design is reflected in the entire building. The existing furniture was therefore completely taken out of service so that there are no longer any differences in the formats and everything fits uniformly into the picture. A total of around 100 m of workstation systems were set up, as well as work tables for mobile assembly on site and trolleys to distribute the goods in the house.

The goods were delivered during the construction phase of the new hall. "Everything on schedule and complete - that is not something that can be taken for granted these days," praises Bleicher. Both the basic structure and the extensions were completed within five days. The tables were combined with their own holder systems, which typically do not exist, but have now been added specifically based on requirements. "The existing system is so flexible and varied that we didn't have to drill anything."

Structured workplaces for the 5S method

At the cleaning workstations, the employees have the latest device in front of them at the table, all aids, cloths and fabrics are on a console. This always ensures a clean, tidy and tidy workplace. Bleicher: “We operate according to the 5S method, so a systematic approach is extremely relevant. The workplaces are now structured and organized in such a way that everyone can concentrate on their value-adding activity. The working environment is perfectly designed, everything is precisely labeled and has its place. ”The employees can also find their way around when they change jobs as part of the rotating tasks - because there is a uniform system everywhere. After cleaning, the products move on to installation, production, control, processing and software installation. The tables are attached to roller tracks, and the appropriate tools and materials are available. At the end of the process, the packaging machine is waiting - innovative marketing and reliable logistics are also important components of the process.

Due to the modular system of Krieg, the various components were put together and the optimum was achieved for each workplace. “We have misappropriated some things and thereby adapted them precisely to our needs. That is an absolute advantage. ”As much standard as possible - as many special solutions as necessary. According to this principle, the right concept for bb-net media GmbH was found and implemented. "Because Krieg is a manufacturer and not just a supplier, our needs were fully met - and at a fair price."

Fast conversions possible at any time

bb-net media offers its employees diverse fields of activity and a working environment with changing tasks. So that the committed team goes about their work with great care and can deliver top performance, great value was placed on direct added value and decisive benefit in the workplace design. Is a working height not ideally set? Are the perforated walls too low or too high? Does the employee need further adjustments? In action, you can see where which workstation still needs changes; these can be done within a few hours and with just a few simple steps. Since the IT world changes so quickly, the team often has to deal with changing device systems in the preparation process. With some accessory products, a complete line is converted to new products. "Our workplaces are now so flexible that we can meet the requirements of today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow," says Bleicher. If a workplace has to be changed, the conversion can be carried out quickly and easily.

“Our people go to work full of enthusiasm. Everything is sorted and available that is required for the work step. In addition, the workplaces are set up to meet individual needs. ”Not only unnecessary intermediate routes have been eliminated. With the help of Krieg, we were able to create a completely new working environment. ”Where previously a shelving system ensured that people had to bend down again and again and optimal light was no longer available at the second level, ergonomics and the same incidence of light are now taken into account . The need-oriented work on consoles and on two or even three levels increases comfort and thus also efficiency. “Our output volume and satisfaction has increased - five times that of the old location. So we made the right decision. "