Sustainable IT through refurbishment

sustainability through refurbishment
Reconditioned IT is also enjoying increasing popularity in the B2B environment. On the one hand, it proves to be ecologically sensible, since environmental resources are conserved, and on the other hand, companies can achieve significant savings by using used business IT.

With the increasing establishment of professionally prepared notebooks, computers and TFT displays, the demand from refurbishers like bb-net media has been growing steadily for years. Founded in 1995 as a small garage company by managing director Michael Bleicher, one of the leading remarketing companies in Europe has now emerged over the past 25 years.

With the continuous growth of the company, the space requirement also increased, which is why a new company headquarters were built at the Schweinfurt location according to the latest technical standards and moved into in 2018. In the meantime, more than 65 employees ensure that around 2000 devices are overhauled and returned to the market every week.

But it starts beforehand with the procurement of used business equipment. Since many companies renew their IT equipment in cycles of around three years, these are mostly leasing returns. For many companies, however, the disposal of old devices is initially a time-consuming and opaque topic. Companies are primarily concerned with questions such as “What is my old hardware still worth?”, “What happens to my data?” Or “Who takes care of the logistics?”.

At bb-net media, all of this comes from a single source. The Schweinfurt refurbisher offers fair surrender values, a high level of process transparency and a comprehensive range of services, from logistics to secure GDPR-compliant data destruction. The Lower Franconian company, which focuses primarily on the manufacturers Dell, Fujitsu, HP, Lenovo and Toshiba and, more recently, Apple, guarantees a solid basis for professional IT buybacks.

After the procurement, the notebooks, PCs and displays are then sent for processing. The new company headquarters with a total usable area of ​​6000 m² paired with sophisticated digital processes enables the processing of 8000 devices per month. According to Bleicher, the modernly equipped building has sophisticated security systems to guarantee the data security of the devices with data carriers that have not yet been deleted. The cleaned, if necessary repaired, and partly equipped with new components, business PCs and notebooks are finally loaded with current Windows versions by bb-net Media, as one of only around 70 certified Microsoft Authorized Refurbishers worldwide.

Thanks to production-optimized and fully digital processes, used IT under the brand label "tecXL" is transformed into a new technology product. The brand "tecXL - technology like new" is bb-net's seal of quality, which has been continuously developed over the years. The “tecXL” partner program designed for this purpose now has 600 members from all areas of retail. Specifically, these are specialist dealers, system houses and the associated groups such as comTeam or Synaxon. Bb-net media also serves almost all well-known e- and retailers. In addition, the goods are available on purchasing platforms such as ITScope, Mercateo and Coop.

In addition to the quality of its products, which the Refurbisher underlines not least with its motto "Quality creates value", the topic of sustainability plays an important role for bb-net media. By reusing used IT equipment and preparing it for the second life cycle, companies that deliver or use the hardware to bb-net actively contribute to environmental protection. Based on the CO2 values ​​provided by manufacturers over the entire life cycle, it is possible to calculate the reduction in climate-damaging greenhouse gases and energy depending on the type and number of devices. Since this year, companies from bb-net have therefore received a CO2 certificate for their commitment to the environment, which proves this commitment.

The specialist for processed IT products is also aware of its own responsibility towards the environment. The Schweinfurt-based company has implemented environmentally conscious measures in addition to its main task: a flower sponsorship was concluded, new processes were developed in production to save electricity and switched to bio-adhesive tape. In addition, new bicycle parking spaces have been created for employees. Many other measures such as the use of green electricity or ecologically harmless cleaning agents, consumables and packaging materials, UTZ-certified coffee and strict waste separation have been a matter of course for bb-net for years. By 2025, the company wants to convert all packaging to 95 percent recyclable material and reduce its printing volume to a minimum - this year CEO Michael Bleicher also made this promise with the “Entrepreneurs For Future” initiative. Bleicher is also aware that climate protection and education are closely related. Bb-net has recently been supporting the Labdoo association. He collects used computers, tablets and laptops, rebuilds them if necessary and supplies schools all over the world.