The worldwide Microsoft Refurbisher program for computer refurbishers to offer refurbished, refurbished laptops and computers with original Microsoft Windows pre-installed.

What is a Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher?

The software giant's Microsoft Certified Refurbisher Program is available in two different spellings, depending on the region. Both Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher and Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher. The official abbreviation for the program is MAR.  It is only available to large and professional refurbishers. These have to reprocess a significant amount of several tens of thousands of systems and with newly licensed and pre-installed Microsoft Genuine Windows 10 deliver to private, municipal and commercial customers as well as non-profit organizations. The criteria for admission as a MAR are very high. Hence the Membership in this program is a special award from Microsoft. Authorized refurbishers work according to strict requirements in order to legally protect their customers and users.

Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher

bb-net - Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher Germany
One of only 59 companies worldwide

bb-net is one of three Microsoft Authorized Refurbishers in Germany under 59 worldwide. We have been part of this Windows partner program since 2012 active and maintain the cooperation with Microsoft. This enables us to install and deliver legally compliant operating systems and solutions on processed hardware. When buying secondary IT, trust only one MAR partner - that is Microsoft Certified Refurbished.


We are the TOP performer at Microsoft and have already received two awards for this. When it comes to used equipment, trust the best.


100% legal and without data carrier

The American software company is already delivering since 2013 no media on the software licenses out. At the Acquisition of a used notebook, PC systems or workstations do not come with a CD or DVD. On the prepared systems of bb-net under the TecXL seal of quality  is therefore a utility for creating a Recovery media pre-installed.

In addition, every accredited Microsoft partner submits not to continue to use the old licenses. These are reported to Micrsofort and canceled.

Bbnet certifications

Microsoft Registered Refurbisher Program

The Microsoft Registered Refurbisher Program was aimed at small and medium-sized refurbishers around the world who were supplying refurbished PCs pre-installed with genuine Microsoft software to qualified charities, academic users and specially approved recipients. The program made both Windows and Office available for refurbished devices for a low price. This The program was discontinued at the end of September 2020 without replacement for the more than 3.000 Microsoft Registered Partners.

Further information on software licenses and used software

Absolute caution with pure product keys

Be careful when buying product keys because Microsoft Product keys do not represent licenses. They only serve to enable a legitimate licensee to activate and thus, in fact, enable permanent use of the software. However, they do not contain any rights to use a computer program.

  • If you only receive a product key and a download link, you may only use the software if you have actually received an existing right of use together with the product key.
  • The fact that a product key “works” when it is activated does not prove that a right of use has also been transferred. The respective user of a "used" computer program must ensure that the requirements listed above are fully met.
  • Product keys that belong to licenses with customers outside of Europe are problematic. Because in these cases the program copy belonging to the license was not regularly brought into circulation in the EEA or the EU. Product keys that have already been used for activation often and in different countries without your salesperson or you knowing which previous purchaser made the activation are also problematic. It is then usually not possible to clarify whether all of the previous purchasers have made their copies unusable.
  • Individual product keys for OEM versions of Windows 10 can also be problematic. For example, if such a product key has not yet been used for activation, ie if it appears to be "new", then it may be a product key that was stolen from an OEM partner, which unfortunately happened in the past.

Selling individual Microsoft Certificates of Authenticity (COAs) is illegal

Will you single Microsoft Certificates of Authenticity only (so-called Certificates of Authenticity, COAs for short) offered and delivered, this is not permitted under trademark lawregardless of whether the COAs are real or fake. Because Microsoft COAs are so-called "identification means". In principle, they may not be sold individually without Microsoft's consent.

Selling Microsoft COAs with unrelated systems is illegal

Microsoft COAs may only be used with the permission of Microsoft used to mark products, especially PCs or DVDs. The following are examples of legally labeling products such as PCs with COAs:

  • Microsoft OEM partners (such as Lenovo, Hewlett-Packard or DELL) are allowed to attach OEM COAs to the PCs they produce.
  • Smaller PC manufacturers (“system builders”) can purchase so-called system builder versions and attach the associated system builder COAs to their PCs.
  • Companies contractually affiliated with Microsoft that refurbish used PCs (Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher, MAR for short) are permitted to attach MAR-COAs to the PCs that they refurbished. However, the various types of COAs must not be misappropriated and used to label other products.

The sale of "used" software is permitted under certain conditions

It is legally permissible to sell and use "used" Microsoft software, when the following conditions are metfor which you and your seller bear the full burden of proof in the event of a dispute. If the above-mentioned requirements are met, the subsequent purchaser is entitled to use the computer program within the framework of the "intended use" within the meaning of Section 69d (1) UrhG. What the "Intended use" of the resold computer program results from the original license agreement between the right holder and the first acquirer. According to the case law of the Federal Court of Justice (judgment of December 11.12.2014, 8, Az. I ZR 13/XNUMX) it is part of the duty of care of the reseller of a "used" computer program to inform the subsequent purchaser in a suitable manner about the rights of "intended use" and to him e.g. to hand over the original license agreement.

  • The computer program must originally have been brought into circulation in the EU or another signatory state of the European Economic Area (EEA) with the consent of Microsoft.
  • The first purchaser must have been granted the right to use the computer program indefinitely. It must therefore be a perpetual license.
  • The right to use the computer program must have been granted in return for the payment of a fee that is intended to enable the right holder, i.e. Microsoft, to obtain a fee that corresponds to the economic value of the copy of the computer program.
  • All copies of the previous purchaser, if they are not handed over to the subsequent purchaser, must have been made unusable at the latest at the time of resale (in order to be able to determine whether this requirement has been met, one must know all the previous purchaser).
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