Marco Kuhn in the Dealers Only interview

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Interview with Marco Kuhn

November 07, 2016 | Dealers Only

Since the boom year in 2014, the sales figures for classic PCs and notebooks in the new goods segment have steadily declined. In its 31/2016 issue, the CRN dedicates a multi-page report to the topic, which deals with current figures, background information and future forecasts.

In order to shed light on the area of ​​processed hardware, the editorial team asked sales manager Marco Kuhn from bb-net for an interview. He was able to explain the opposite trend that the demand for PCs and notebooks on the market for reprocessed hardware is still strong.

Since "processed" is now a real alternative for many companies, bb-net was able to maintain the growth course of recent years in the first half of 2016 as well. "Compared to the uncertain development of the overall market, there is still great growth potential for refurbished devices in the coming years," explains Marco Kuhn.


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