bb-net was recognized as a tap water friendly company

tap water-friendly company award
Schweinfurt, April 2021.  
The  Schweinfurter IT Remarketing Company was founded by atip: tap awarded as tap water friendly. atip: tap is a non-profit organization that has been working for Tap water and against Water out Returnable and PET bottles begins.  

Michael Bleicher, managing director and founder of the company, is strongly committed to the environment - and not just since “yesterday”. Already during the It's time for planning of the new company building in the year 2017 it was clear to the entrepreneur that In the future, expensive and non-environmentally friendly mineral water will be dispensed with. Chilled, hot, with or without carbonic acid: in that 2018 related Companybuilding there deshalb Water only from the Waterdonationr. Every employee has their own drinking bottlethat is designed for long-term use.  

Small change with a big effect
In order to leave the lowest possible ecological footprint, there are many things for companies in terms of environmental protection and sustainability that are easy to implement. A small change with a big effect is the elimination of beverages from bottlesBecause whowever, if he draws his water from the tap, it saves a lot of money and protects our environment.  

So did the study (
"Life cycle assessment of drinking water - mineral water", which addresses ecological issues specialized ESU-services Uster on behalf of the Swiss Gas and Water Association SVGW show that - depending on packaging and transport - bottleswater the environment 1000 times as heavily polluted as tap water. Alone for transportation of one liter Be mineral water 0,3 liters of crude oil used - for tap water the value is only at 0,3 milliliters. Not to be forgotten besides this fact are also the CO2 emissionsBecause the production of bottles, cleaning, filling and recycling also take care of it much more CO2 emissions than our tap water. 

Which is healthier? Bottled or tap water?
Both the drinking water and Bottles of water are strictly controlled in Germany. However, the guidelines of the German Drinking Water Ordinance are stricter than those for spring and mineral water. When one the regulations compares, it can be found that drinking water carries more pollutants such as pesticides is checked. So there is no reason Bottled water with bunten Labelsdesigned logos and widths, pristine Landscapes zu kaufen.  

The costs in comparison
1 liter of tap water costs an average of 0,2 cents in Germany - mineral water between 19 and 50 cents per liter (without a deposit). In other words: for one euro you get around 500 liters Linewater, but only 2 to 5 bottles of purchased mineral water.  

Imitators wanted
Michael Bleicher would like more companies that itself for sustainability in iEngage your company. Because every step, no matter how small, protects ours Environment
Filtered water dispensers come in different sizes. Thus the changeover from Bottled water to tap water for Suitable for companies of all sizes.  

On the taps, done, Come on!