Climate neutral at the end of the lifecycle

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bb-net, the first climate-neutral company in the field of IT processing, is the partner for the professional handling of hardware in the second life cycle. The company founded by Michael Bleicher originated from online trading almost 25 years ago and is now one of the largest German IT processors.

Profitable. For sure. Climate neutral.

There is more to used corporate hardware than you might think. In addition to the effect of generating valuable additional income, every company can also do something good for the environment. Because if you dispose of a used device, it ends up in the growing mountain of electronic waste, which is now estimated at 51 million tons.

Data deletion is not always data deletion

Many have already heard of it, often more so in the media when the deletion of the data did not work as the competitor had promised. Because there is much more to a sensible data deletion: a complete security and software concept. With highly sensitive data, this factor plays a central role as soon as you leave the company. With certified partners, the Schweinfurt IT refurbisher can guarantee secure handling from the first minute. When it arrives at the in-house, video-monitored technology center, every single device is checked for optical and technical defects by trained employees and inventoried.

The deletion process then begins with an approach that is almost unique in the industry. The combination of a three-level system and the specially developed software solution SAM offers absolute security. SAM is the abbreviation for the software that automatically carries out all partial processing steps and guides the employee. All data and media are recognized and logged fully electronically and automatically. Personal details can no longer be associated with the devices after the process.

From deletion to audit

If all data has been professionally deleted by the process, the audit continues. Here, every device is carefully examined and recorded. The customer then receives a detailed report. In this report, the status, equipment and missing parts of each individual device are noted. At this point the rollback path of the used IT ends for the customer. A great extra at bb-net is that ecological action is achieved through a CO2- Certificate is rewarded.

tecXL - that's technology like new

The new life of used IT begins with the processing process in the 2.600 square meter technology center. Well over 100.000 devices go through the specially developed process at the climate-neutral refurbisher every year. "This is subject to strict requirements and not every device makes it into an orange box," reports Marco Kuhn, Head of Sales. There are first and second choices in terms of device selection and quality levels. The quality criteria are so strict that even the second choice still qualifies as Premium Refurbished and the first choice is almost impossible to differentiate from new goods.

Processed. Sustainable. High margin.

With bb-net, the balancing act succeeds in an environmentally friendly and resource-friendly way, to produce high-quality business products which, thanks to low investments and high margins of up to 30%, also make trading fun. The finished tecXL products can be offered up to 70% below the original price.

By using products in the second life cycle, we all actively contribute to protecting our environment and using resources more sustainably. Definitely more than just a good reason to choose a tecXL product. Whether you are doing something for the environment by selling your outsourced IT or whether you want to buy processed IT from experts - bb-net is the right choice in every respect:


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