Windows tablets from Bluechip

Blue chip tablet11

We keep receiving inquiries from our dealers about tablets with Windows operating systems. For some time now, we have therefore been testing various manufacturers and models in order to find models with a good price / performance ratio for our partners.

Now the choice has fallen on the tablets from Bluechip. Bluechip is a manufacturer from Meuselwitz in Altenburger Land in Thuringia. The company has been active since 1992 and is particularly known for the production of business notebooks, PCs and servers. Over 130.000 personal computers were manufactured and sold last year.

The Bluechip TRAVELline tablets

The slim TRAVELline tablets are of high quality and offer solid performance for all tablet applications. You can currently get three models from bb-net, the T10-E2, the T10-B3 and the T10-B3 Pro. These differ in terms of the operating system and internal memory.

Each of the tablets comes with a dockable keyboard, which also functions as a protective cover on the E2 model. In addition, the new Windows 10 operating system with a full license is preinstalled on every device.

For everyone who travels a lot with their tablet, there is an additional UMTS module that can be retrofitted by simply plugging it into the tablet and enables mobile Internet.

The exact device information can also be found in the following data sheets:

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