Do you rent IT products professionally? Like your process, everything must be as lean as possible after the rental period. We take over the entire reprocessing process or buy your devices from you.

In almost all IT rental companies, the lifecycle of the devices ends after the rental return. In many cases, professional IT processing enables a second rental cycle. Regardless of whether after the agreed or a shortened term - we can take over the complete processing for you or just partial steps if you wish.

Whether incoming goods, testing with data deletion, processing, Repair with and without guarantee as well as return delivery and IT purchase after the IT rental: bb-net is the right partner here for her. KContinue to concentrate on your core competencies and benefit from our IT landlord service for rental returns.  

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Once the equipment rental cycle is complete, use ours Refresh service for processing the hardware. So you can Rent IT equipment multiple times And that also securely through technical testing and data deletion.

If the device can no longer be returned to the rental cycle, we buy the devices from you or dispose of them properly.

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Business devices in use


You can rent the devices to commercial or private users. Depending on the agreement, these are used either only for a short time or for a longer period of time. The first rental cycle is no problem for you. But what happens after the end of the rental period?

The devices should be returned after use.

Return delivery

At the end of the agreed rental period, you or we will receive the equipment back. As an IT remarketing specialist, we can completely map the secure logistics of unpacked goods with old data, but also the pure processing of rental returns in incoming goods. Complete reporting based on serial numbers is always included in the return delivery. Rely on the professional data erasure, which is mapped on the software side. If data carriers cannot be erased, they are shredded according to DIN 66399-2.

The devices are processed after they have been returned

Preparation / refresh

The devices are processed for a flat fee and then returned. The processing of manufacturer guarantees is also not a problem. The first step of the refresh is cleaning (inside and outside), this is also where anonymization takes place. Our processing team takes care of the technical test as well as the repair and replacement of defective components. Our intelligent database enables devices to be installed manufacturer-specifically with all drivers and Windows operating system. Once the devices have been processed, they are repackaged and returned. You can rent equipment that has already been rented again and thus generate additional profits.


Remarketing / Resell

If the reprocessing is no longer worthwhile from an economic point of view, bb-net will buy these devices from you at fair and transparent conditions. This gives you additional financial resources that you can invest in new equipment for IT rental.

Remarketing through the sale of old goods
We dispose of your unusable old goods in a certified manner.

Recovery / Recycle

All devices that are no longer suitable for a second life cycle or that cannot be deleted properly can be disposed of in a certified manner through us. Components that are still suitable for a second life cycle are built into other devices by us. On the one hand, this helps to conserve valuable resources and, on the other hand, it protects our environment from further electronic waste.


  • Receipt of goods (directly from the customer or your logistics department)
  • Device testing according to your specifications
  • Data deletion
  • Complete reporting
  • Specific reinstallation by device and manufacturer
  • Repackaging
  • Repair with and without guarantee
  • Return delivery to you
  • Purchase of equipment that is no longer rented out
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How about you if you could also address customers who have already bought hardware privately? Through our trade-in program, we act in the background for you, buy the hardware and create liquid funds for the customer so that he can rent new hardware from you.


The environment also benefits from the extended life cycle. Have you ever CSR Guidelines or your own reports? If not, do some research and become an active partner! You have it in your hand.

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