IT donation for flood victims

Donation for flood victims

Bb-net would also like to make a small contribution so that the many victims of the flood disaster can find their way back to life. So now five retreads went tecXL-Notebooks via our trading partner Robert Dörmer directly to the Rhineland-Palatinate crisis area.

Robert Dörmer - also known as the IT expert "DR-LAN" with his own YouTube channel - has been working with the refurbishers of bb-net for years and is based around 25 km south of Trier. The IT retailer is more than 130 km away from the crisis area around Ahr and Schuld, but there is a strong bond with the people in the region and donating used IT equipment to those in need has always been part of Dörmer's social business policy. With the IT refurbishment and remarketing specialist bb-net, five notebooks that can be used immediately with a total value of 2.000 Euros be handed over to a distribution point of the flood victims' aid, directly on the spot. Many thanks to Robert Dörmer, who took care of the organization together with other entrepreneurs! And we at bb-net will also continue to think about how we can support the construction of the infrastructure in the destroyed areas with our funds, because the reconstruction of the destroyed areas will unfortunately take a long time. We stay on the ball!