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Own brand “tecXL – technology like new”

July 30, 2013 | Schweinfurt

With the registration with the German Patent and Trademark Office, the IT refurbishing company bbnet media officially launched its own brand "tecXL - technology like new" on the market. "Our aim is to get as close as possible to the properties of new goods with the reconditioned IT equipment of this brand in terms of quality, standardization, warranty and delivery capability," says Michael Bleicher, the managing director of the Schweinfurt company.

For this purpose, the products are divided into precisely defined quality classes according to a quality-assured preparation process. Only devices in the two highest classes become part of the tecXL brand. "We give a full year warranty for these computers and displays - at no extra cost for dealers or customers," emphasizes Bleicher.

All tecXL PCs, notebooks and tablets are supplied with the original Windows operating system installed and all the necessary drivers. Thanks to an authorized partnership between bb-net media gmbh, which has been active in IT refurbishing for 16 years, and the software giant Microsoft, this is perfectly licensed.

For an appealing appearance, all devices leave the processing center in Schweinfurt in uniformly designed, transport-safe high-gloss cardboard boxes. But how can you standardize the content, which naturally consists of a very heterogeneous mix of devices from various manufacturers with individual equipment features? “Our solution is to define minimum configurations,” explains Michael Bleicher. This means that behind a standardized article number are devices that meet fixed minimum requirements in terms of equipment, configuration and condition. While this simplifies item listing, re-ordering and, last but not least, pricing for retailers, customers still do not buy a “pig in a poke”: The respective manufacturer and the exact model with its exact configuration are specified on every device packaging.

The tecXL products can also compete with new goods in terms of delivery capability. “Thanks to our pre-production, we are able to deliver well over 2 devices within 000 hours,” promises Michael Bleicher. And for professional marketing at the point-of-sale, bb-net media provides retailers with posters, flyers and displays as well as promotional items such as pens, balloons and energy drinks.


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