Would you like to continue using your existing IT? Use our IT refresh for your hardware and software. Switch from Windows 7 to 10 and get up to three years warranty from bb-net.

Companies are under constant pressure not to “get dusty” and to constantly develop further. To do this, you need hardware you can rely on. Your IT hardware should be as flexible and adaptable as you are.

"He still does it" - We see it that way too. Hardware that still meets your requirements should not simply be replaced by a new purchase. Treat your hardware to one bb-net IT refresh. With professional reconditioning, you can help your hardware adapt to you, extend the product cycle and achieve sustainable benefits for you and the environment.

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bye Windows 7 - Hello Windows 10.

It is time for your IT future. Use the IT refresh to prepare your hardware and software. Windows 10 simply offers more. With the end of support for Windows 7, there are no more security updates for this operating system. That carries high risks.




You know what you need. Choose the package that suits you.



Do you need a replacement during the refresh? Our IT rental makes it possible for you.



We'll take care of everything for you. From the packaging of the goods to collection.



Professional preparation of your hardware. Individually according to your wishes and specifications.



Immediately ready for use and ready to go. Fast and reliable return delivery of your hardware.


  • Logistics
  • Refresh hardware
  • Data deletion
  • arming
  • Logistics
  • Refresh hardware
  • Data deletion
  • arming
  • Installation

Most elected

  • Logistics
  • Refresh hardware
  • Data deletion
  • arming
  • Installation
  • Licensing


We are convinced of our quality and your hardware.

Stay worry-free and leave your IT problems to us. Choose comfortably between 12, 24 or 36 Months Guarantee and simply book this when commissioning. Only € 48,00 per device per year. We would be happy to advise you on this. Our warranty Terms see here .


The security factor plays a central role in company data when you leave your company. With our certified partners, we can guarantee secure handling from the first minute.

You don't have to worry, not even about the logistics.

  • Unpacked collection at your locations
  • Sealed transport with GPS monitoring
  • Return of your devices after the refresh


  • Dry cleaning inside and outside
  • Damp cleaning outside
  • Remove all labels and adhesive residue
  • Surface refurbishment for a new shine


  • Classification of assets according to the criteria provided
  • Examination of all assets with regard to technical specifications
  • Technical testing of all components
  • Detailed documentation including all errors and missing parts
  • Optical inspection with documentation of damage
  • Battery load test on notebooks
  • Provision of the audit results for your records

We delete each of your devices to a high and internationally recognized deletion standard and hand over revision-proof documents for your records as evidence.

Data deletion:

Data deletion is not always data deletion. 2,5 billion gigabytes of data are generated every day. In view of these high volumes, secure data erasure and storage media cleanup play a greater role than ever before. As a certified data deletion company, bb-net is subject to strict security guidelines and must take comprehensive measures to protect sensitive data.

Media detection:

Fully automatic media detection. Check the SIM card slots, DVD drives, internal USB sticks, media card slots and hard drives that should be deleted. If a medium is discovered or data is found, the affected device stops and an unavoidable error message appears until the cause has been eliminated. 

Data destruction:

If a data carrier is defective, data cannot be deleted. The only way to destroy defective data carriers in accordance with the highest security standards is to shred them using a certified DIN 66399-2, ISO 21964-2 media shredder. A shredder of this type is available in our Technology Center for this purpose and destroys data carriers such as hard drives in accordance with DIN 66399-2 H5. Smartphones, tablets, memory cards and USB sticks according to DIN 66399-2 E4 and tape drives, floppy disks and ID cards according to DIN 66399-2 T5.

Upon request, your devices can be upgraded with technical components such as memory or data carriers at no extra charge.

The components used will be determined together with you as part of the order. You only pay the pure hardware costs. If you have special retrofitting requests in terms of reworking time, costs or delivery times for special components, we can coordinate these with you in advance.


  • Selection and purchase of desired components at the best prices
  • Professional installation of all components
  • Additional function and compatibility test
  • Configuration of BIOS and operating system if necessary

You tell us what software your hardware needs.

We either install a ready-made standard product or an image that is specific to your requirements in order to relieve your IT department as much as possible.

  • Installation of Windows operating system
  • Individual software applications according to your specifications

With this package, your devices not only receive an installation, but also legally compliant Windows licenses.

As a recognized Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher, we are able to upgrade your devices to the new Windows 10/11 Professional at the best conditions on the German market.

  • Multilingual installation of Windows 10/11 Professional
  • Installation of a recovery solution on request at no extra charge
  • Licensing and sending the license codes to you

We make our services available to you from a small quantity of 50 devices. If you want to convince yourself of our quality first, you can book a test order and, for example, have a small amount of company laptops reprocessed.


Comparison of refresh versus new purchase in Case study of 100 notebooks.


€ 21.400

total cost


€ 96.500

total cost

The devices will be completely redesigned, with an additional memory expansion from 4GB to 8GB and will receive a new Windows 10 license and a full 2 ​​year guarantee.

Area Costs
Amortized purchase price €0,00
Package RE-LICENSE €99,00
Windows 10 Professional (incl.) €0,00
Individual software installation (incl.) €0,00
4GB storage upgrade €19,00
bb-net warranty package with 24 months €96,00

Devices from the medium business segment with Windows 10 license and a 2-year bring-in guarantee from the manufacturer are being purchased. In addition, the devices are individually adapted in terms of software installation.

Area Costs
purchasing price €890,00
software customization €65,00
Logistics costs €10,00


Concordia Insurance Hanover

€ 300.000,00 SAVED

The Hanoverian insurance company Concordia relies on reprocessing instead of buying new when it comes to your IT hardware and saves over € 300.000,00 with the bb-net refresh service. The particular challenge was to prepare the existing device pool in order to exchange it for the employees with devices that were not prepared. The requirement was to make 350 devices available to the insurance company every eight days from the collection date.
Laptop donation for refugees


Due to the Corona-related situation, many children and young people are forced to do their schooling digitally. The Rotary Club Düsseldorf-Schlossturm took over 60 notebooks at special conditions and commissioned bb-net with a full refresh of these laptops. All devices were equipped with the re-license package and a 12-month guarantee. Delivered to Rotary on schedule and then donated to Diakonie Düsseldorf for a good cause.
Robot finger points on notebook


As our partner, you have the exclusive opportunity to offer your customers the bb-net refreshment service as a service. Use our service to save your customers cash so that you can make new investments together again. Focus on your core business. We take care of the entire process for you.

Up to 15% discount on all services.

What is IT refresh?

IT refresh is the professional refreshment of existing hardware. Your existing hardware will be prepared and brought up to the latest technical standards. This applies not only to the hardware, but also to the software, such as the operating system - for example, the update from Windows 7 to Windows 10. So if you decide to do an IT refresh, you automatically act in a sustainable, resource-saving and extremely economical manner .

Why continue using used IT?

Business hardware in particular is ideal for an IT refresh - on the one hand, the built-in components are of very high quality and designed for a long service life; on the other hand, most devices are so technically well equipped that an upgrade with just a few components is necessary to to meet the latest technical requirements.
By extending the useful life you create liquidity on the one hand, and on the other hand you save valuable resources and thus our environment.

Why is the IT refresh worthwhile?

A professional refresh offers companies many advantages, upgrading existing hardware according to their own wishes and requirements, creating an improved optical condition, changing licenses and extending the warranty period. What is no longer up-to-date for one user, on the other hand, may be sufficient for the other. If, for example, a graphic designer needs a more powerful notebook, a standard business notebook is sufficient for the financial expert. So why not pass on hardware internally, achieve high savings and act in an environmentally friendly way?

Which used IT devices are suitable for IT refresh?

All devices that are suitable for remarketing and are from well-known manufacturers such as HP, Lenovo, Dell and Fujitsu. In general, however, one can say that devices such as notebooks, smartphones, tablets, displays, workstations and servers are suitable as used hardware for the IT refresh. All devices that are not suitable for the IT refresh must be certified for disposal by the processor; individual components can then be put into the Remarketing .

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