High five! For the fifth time in a row, the readers of IT-BUSINESS, the work of bb-net is worth gold. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

As one of the pioneers in the ICT industry, bb-net media has already successfully contested a number of competitions and received prizes, especially from IT-BUSINESS. But somehow we're really happy about it this year - maybe also because it was a very special year for us. Because despite the great uncertainty caused by the pandemic in all areas of the economy, we have always been able to rely on our trading partners and business partners. You stayed on the ball even in stormy times, you were fair and motivated, you brought refurbished IT brands like tecXL and the claim “Quality First” forward and you stood up for good business with a really good cause. THANK YOU for that, dear partners! This award is yours too, which is why it makes it something very special for us. Because with all the pat on the back and the will to win around the industry competitions: As an interface between manufacturers and specialist retailers, we Refurbishers are always open two relies on strong factors: high-quality hardware that can be easily refurbished and can be kept in the market for a long time, and professional sales strategies that combine sustainable trading with first-class technologies and are implemented with passion. We can rely on both of these every day - for us the actual main prize.

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