IT refresh instead of new acquisition


The IT preparer from Schweinfurt extends the period of use by refreshing and upgrading corporate IT, thereby creating free liquidity.

Companies of all sizes are under constant pressure not to dust off and to stick to the well-known innovation pulse of the times. This requires IT that is flexible, modern, efficient and adaptable. A new purchase is not always necessary for this. The IT refurbisher is offering its new service offering "bb-net IT refresh" based on the motto "It still does!". A sustainable concept to support companies in the continued use of their own IT, to make the switch to Windows 10 cost-effectively and to guarantee high savings for many years.

Starting situations
Companies know the challenges when it comes to equipping their employees with IT hardware. The requirements for the existing hardware have changed. An operating system change, such as from Windows 7 to Windows 10 or the expiry of the hardware warranty is pending. In order to master these challenges, many companies think one-dimensionally of a cost-intensive new acquisition. IT processing is a budget-friendly option.

A professional refresh offers companies many advantages, upgrading existing hardware according to their own wishes and requirements, creating an improved optical condition, changing licenses and extending the warranty period. What is no longer up-to-date for one user, on the other hand, may be sufficient for the other. Requires z. If, for example, a graphic designer needs a more powerful notebook, a standard business notebook is sufficient for the financial expert. So why not pass on hardware internally, achieve high savings and act in an environmentally friendly manner?

Service packages
With the Re-Fresh packages, Re-base, Re-install and Re-License, bb-net has the right all-round carefree package ready for all requirements. All packages contain the unpacked Germany-wide collection of the hardware as well as the return delivery, the optical refresh (cleaning), a fully automatic and internationally recognized data deletion and data destruction process as well as the technical refresh (upgrade) such as B. the installation of memory or data carrier.

Companies know best what software their hardware needs. Therefore, the RE-Install package offers the possibility to provide the prepared hardware directly with all necessary and desired installations. With the Re-License package, the devices not only receive an installation, but also the legally compliant, multilingual Windows 10 Professional license. The latter package in particular offers the greatest advantage. Processing with a license change is even cheaper than buying a pure Windows 10 software license.

All three packages are rounded off with the guarantee option - a real highlight of the range of services. After a refresh, companies have the option of protecting their hardware with a guarantee of up to 36 months for a few euros per month.

Flexible process with many advantages
Giving notebooks, PCs and workstations the extended life cycle means operating in a liquidity-friendly manner, saving up to 78% on investments and providing employees with efficient work equipment. The bb-net IT refresh concept is simple, flexible and suitable for companies of almost any size. From logistics to advice or the provision of replacement devices during the refresh - the Schweinfurt specialist can present all requirements in a customer and situation-oriented manner.

Sales of services through partners
The participants from the tecXL partner program of bb-net were also considered in the refresh concept. You have the exclusive opportunity to offer the innovative service, as well as the IT rental, to your customers as a separate service. It enables you to expand your own range of services with almost no additional effort, to continue to focus fully on the core business and to achieve a margin of up to 15%. The enormous savings effect of the customer creates options to sell further system house services.


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