Interview about used IT

Authorized signatory marco kuhn
Advantages and plans with the cooperation partners Synaxon and Emendo

March 08, 2016 | CRN

In a CRN interview, Marco Kuhn, sales manager of bb-net and tecXL, speaks about the advantages of the cooperation with Emendo and Synaxon and the plans to further expand the partner program this year.

CRN: Mr. Kuhn, please give us a brief overview of the current situation and plans of your company.
Kuhn: As in previous years, we have maintained our growth path and are striving for healthy and sustainable growth in 2016 as well. In 2016, the cooperation with various associations such as Emendo and Synaxon as well as the further expansion of the partner program will play an important role for us. But the partnership with ESET, which has been official since February 01.02.2016st, XNUMX, will keep us busy.

CRN: Do you see this unbridled growth in the entire market for used hardware?
Kuhn: In general, both the demand and the acceptance of used / refurbished devices on the market are unabated. In particular, workstations and high-quality notebooks from the business lines are in increasing demand in the commercial sector. Although the PC market is shrinking, the used market is growing steadily.

CRN: You speak of growing acceptance of used IT. Does this also apply to the previously difficult areas of SMEs and the public sector?
Kuhn: Yes, trust in refurbished hardware continues to grow and is becoming increasingly interesting for authorities and companies. This trend has been going on for several years and will continue to grow over the next few years.

CRN: Has the necessary consulting effort been reduced a little or does this remain one of the most important tasks for you and the specialist trade in the sale of used hardware?
Kuhn: A lot of educational work is needed to make the difference between high quality and used IT clear to customers. We naturally support our system house and reseller partners with our consistently high quality in preparation and with a wide range of marketing and POS articles (e.g. posters, instructions, fully developed monthly offers, additional software packages, etc.)