No cannibalization effect

no cannibalization effect
As Christoph Runge, managing director of api subsidiary COS Computer, reports, used hardware is also becoming increasingly interesting for distribution and its specialist retail customers.
March 15, 2018 | CRN

CRN: Mr. Runge, what advantages do you see as a distributor in selling used hardware?
Christoph Runge: In recent years, processed technology has played an increasingly important role in the minds of consumers. This increased demand also reaches us via the dealers. The price advantage of a refurbished system compared to new goods cannot be denied.

CRN: What role does the cooperation with a professional refurbisher play for you?
Runge: By working with a professional refurbisher like bb-net, we can ensure a constant quality standard that meets our requirements and those of our customers.

CRN: Isn't this business at the expense of selling new equipment?
Runge: No, there is no cannibalization effect here. The reconditioned devices appeal to a different clientele from the end consumer who buy more price-consciously but also more environmentally. For our dealers it is a sensible addition to the range instead of an alternative.

CRN: How have the attitudes of the specialist trade and the demand from the channel towards used hardware changed in recent years, and how do you assess the further growth potential?
Runge: As already mentioned, Refurbished is now much more present with end customers and dealers than it was a few years ago. A bit of educational work is still needed in some places, but overall there is an increasing demand from all channels. Last but not least, it was possible to start a few test runs with specialist retail chains and retail stores, all of which were very well received. We therefore expect significant growth in this area also in the future.